3 Meat Slicer Types to Make Food Preparation More Efficient

Meat slicers are used to make food preparation faster and easier. You can purchase a light-duty meat slicer for home use, a medium-duty meat slicer for more frequent food preparation, and a heavy-duty meat slicer for commercial or industrial purposes.

Deciding which meat slicer to invest in may be a little confusing considering the different blade sizes, powers, features, and variations of meat slicers. Here is information on three different types of meat slicers to help you choose the best one for your slicing needs:

A light-duty meat slicer for home use

The most basic type of meat slicer is the light-duty meat slicer, which is specifically made for home use. While manual meat slicers can be fine for household use, electric slicers can make food preparation at home a lot easier, saving time and energy. These slicers usually come with blades ranging from 7 to 7.5 inches and with 100 watts of motor power. Famous brands include Chef’s Choice, Maverick, Waring, and Hobart meat slicers. These meat slicers are easy to use, maintain, and clean. The slice thickness is also adjustable to your preference. Should you need to replace parts of your meat slicer, many hobart parts, as well as other meat slicer brand parts, are readily available in specialty shops.

A medium-duty meat slicer for more frequent food preparation

If you are managing a small restaurant or any small food business requiring more frequent slicing of meat, a medium-duty meat slicer is the perfect choice to make your work more efficient. These slicers usually come with different blade sizes and can slice to various thicknesses depending on your choice. Blade sizes usually range from 8 to 14 inches with 100 to 130 watts of motor power. These meat slicers are very cost-effective since they are multi-purpose and can also be used to slice fruits, vegetables, cheese, and other foods.

A heavy-duty meat slicer for commercial or industrial purposes

For commercial and industrial purposes, you are going to need a bigger, more durable, and more automated meat slicer for the utmost convenience and efficiency. These slicers are usually run by ¼-horsepower motor for better, stronger, and more lasting performance. Heavy-duty meat slicers with 8 to 14 inch blades made of high carbon steel are preferred for enhanced slicing. You can also choose meat slicers with additional features, such as automatic slicer settings, a built-in sharpener, and a retractable carriage to make processing quicker and easier.

When using these meat slicers, no matter what type, it is important to take extra precautions when operating the slicer and cleaning the blade to avoid prematurely breaking the item and to protect yourself from possible cuts. Here are some general safety guidelines you can take into consideration:

* Make sure the blade and other parts of the slicer are in their proper places.
* Position the meat properly before you start cutting.
* Never touch the blade or reach anywhere near the blade while the meat is being sliced.
* Always remember to turn off and unplug the slicer when done and before you clean it.
* Wear thick, cut-resistant gloves when removing and cleaning the blade.


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