How to hit the G-spot

For years, the clitoris was considered the only trigger for the female orgasm. Alas, even finding the clitoris turned out to be a daunting task for many men, and things didn’t get any easier in 1950 when a physician known as Dr. Ernst Grafenberg found an even more mysterious female pleasure spot hidden within the vagina.

This area became popularized by sexologists in the 1980s as the ‘G-spot.’

It turns out that stimulation of the G-spot produces a very powerful kind of female orgasm; and in some women, it even produces female ejaculation, also known as ‘squirting’.

Finding, stimulating and discovering how to master the woman’s G-spot has become, for both men and women,a secret sexual treasure.

What is a G-spot? Well, G-spot is a It is the bean-shaped, spongy tissue of the para-urethral gland, which is analogous to the male prostate.

The actual area is only about the size of a quarter, but it feels rougher to the touch than the surrounding tissue. Because the G-spot is composed of erectile tissue, it swells up when blood rushes to it especially if you learn how to master the woman’s G-spot effectively.

G-spot is located about one or two inches back from the vaginal opening inside the front vaginal wall.

Kindly note that finding a G-spot is easier when the woman in question is fully sexually aroused, so don’t be such a lazy bum and get all the foreplay right. Don’t slack.

Here’s a ‘How To Hit The G-Spot for Idiots.

Getting Started

Invite your partner into your play space and ask her to lie down in the space you’ve set up for her. In attitude and tone  you want to show that you’ve gone out of your way to set up safe, sacred space for her

In whatever way you feel its most appropriate, express your appreciation to your partner – thank her for all she does for you, for her loving nature, and for her willingness to share and explore her G-spot with you. It is a rare and intimate gift. Not many women would willing to completely share her body with you. Some may be married for years, and yet still apprehensive when it comes to intimate moments.

Massaging Your Partner

Massage your partner, slowly and sensually for 10 – 15 minutes on each side. The intention of this is to create intimacy and connection between you, and to further relax your partner. It also helps her open into your touch and become more receptive. Its very important during this massage that you not touch her clitoris or vagina. Long, sensual strokes that include her butt, and breasts are encouraged, as are: kisses to the back of her neck, light sex talk in her ear, nipple biting/blowing, etc.

Remember – there is nowhere to go, nothing else to do – just enjoy yourself and your partner will enjoy you as you enjoy touching her.

Amping Up the Energy

Now that your partner is feeling relaxed, you can begin to entice her further. This could include: kissing, nipple sucking, toe sucking, clitoral stimulation, etc. You get the idea.

The main thing is to keep taking it slow, and don’t go inside her yet. This will likely feel very strange for you if you are used to just touching so you can have sex and relieve yourself. In this exercise, you are not going to be having sex – and your touch and play is for your woman to get completely aroused. Again, do not go inside her yet! good grief, don’t you men have patience?

Finding The G-Spot

At this point, let’s assume your partner is aroused, and hot, and begging for you to be insider her. If this is the case – give yourself a mental pat on your back, or anywhere you prefer for that matter! If not, continue your play using the above steps until your partner is begging you to penetrate her.

Get into a comfortable position. For this next you will be inserting your finger into her vagina, as well as touching her clitoris. Sometimes you can do this sitting at her side, or you can also kneel between her knees.

Take time to get yourself comfortable. Talk to your partner, ask her and be open with each other. Don’t be shy – you will be in this position for at least 20 minutes, and want it to be comfortable – and a few extra minutes now are well worth it.

When everything is all right, slowly insert your finger into her vagina and massage her from the inside. Play with her shallowly, deeply, at the back wall, in the front wall, etc. Take it slow, use saliva or lube to keep everything wet and well lubricated.

It is important, during this part, you and your partner be communicating about what you like, what you’d like harder / softer / more of / less of / etc. This is an exercise to learn and your partner needs your feedback and advise to be given verbally and explicitly throughout.

Stimulating the G-Spot

Now, its time to begin stimulating the G-spot. Insert a finger (or two), about 2 inches, and then slightly crook them. You want your finger’s facing forward, like you are making the motion of ‘come here’ with your fingers. You’ll be touching the front side of her vagina, with your finger’s wrapped around her pubic bone.

From here on, experiment with a variety of pressure – hard, soft, light, etc. We’ve found its often best to start touching as if your finger’s are windshield washers – with a constant pressure, sorta going back and forth.

Ladies, give your partner feedback about what feels good, and what doesn’t – help them learn how to drive you wild in bed.

Men, while you were fingering and doing your deed, you may feel a particular area which is more rough than other area’s, possibly ribbed or bumpy. This is the G-spot. As you stimulate it, the G-spot will often become larger and more present as it get engorged. At this point, some women prefer harder pressure, but most prefer softer pressure (so the opposite of the clitoris).

Once you’ve found the G-spot, and have a way of touching the area that your partner is enjoying, add in some stimulation to her clitoris. You can also push down with your hand on her pubic bone by placing your palm in the middle of her pubic hair. This accentuates your pressure from inside.

A magic combination is to touch the G-spot with your index and/or middle finger while stimulating her clitoris with your thumb (good lube helps this greatly).

Ladies, at this point, if your man is doing it correctly,  you may find you feel like you have to pee. If this happens, don’t worry. Nothing is wrong – just stay relaxed and go with it. This is quite natural as sometimes, G-spot stimulations leads to female ejaculation, that’s more commonly known as ‘squirting’.

If you don’t orgasm from this exercise, don’t worry! It’s main purpose was to help you learn more about finding the G-spot, how to best stimulate it, and to build intimate connection and trust with your partner. It can often take several repeats of this exercise to start feeling your G-spot.

Try stimulating the G-spot during and after orgasm, try different pressure, strokes, angles, etc.. try it with one hand, two hands, you touching the clitoris, while your partner focuses on your G-spot. Try using a pillow or two under your buttocks, etc. You get the picture, get creative, people. Don’t spare your Muse.

The best way to manually stimulate the G-spot is with a firm tapping motion with your crooked finger. Some guys find it easier to stimulate the G-spot with various toys. Any dildo can be used for this, but the ones that are best suited for G-spot stimulation are hard and curved. Many are made specifically for G-spot stimulation, as their length, width and curve are specifically designed to take the guesswork out of G-spot stimulation.

Even women who do not enjoy manual stimulation of the G-spot may enjoy penile stimulation of the spot during intercourse. So, if your penis has a natural upward bend, you’ve got it made. Other men have to find positions that maximize penile contact with the front wall of the vagina. The woman on top positions and posterior (doggy style) positions are best for achieving that contact.

The only way to get G-spot stimulation in the missionary position is to prop her hips up with pillows. Women can also intensify their ability to have G-spot orgasms by learning to contract their pelvic muscles, known as Kegel exercises.

Wrapping Up

At some point – either after orgasm, or otherwise – you’ll feel the energy shift and it will be time to wrap the exercise up. At this point slowly and gently place one hand cupped over your partner’s vagina, and one hand open on her heart. Look into her eyes, and take a moment just to be present with each other.

Take a moment to breathe together, and enjoy what you’ve just experienced. Use the next 5 minutes to share about your experiences – what you enjoyed, what you most liked, what felt good, etc. Its always important to start with the positive. After this, you can think about what you’ll do differently next time.

Cleffairy: From afar, you can hear a fairy sing “Ohhhh, my love, my darling, I hunger for your touch’. LMAO.. anyway, hope the tips are useful, and have fun. Remember, safety first. LOL.



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