Not As Tasty As It Seems

I went to eat this chicken chop rice as seen on the famous 8tv food show, Ho Chak. ( The stall is situated in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur). However, I find the famed chicken chop rice is not as tasty as been told on TV. It’s dissapointing. I’m not sure if it’s as bad as this before it’s been shown on TV, as most food stall qualiy deteriorate after being advertised on TV. What’s more, the food stall is located near students’ area. They probably serve this dish to hundreds of starving Tunku Abdul Rahman College students on daily basis.

Now,my critique on this dish is : The sauce is too peppery, as the black pepper was not grinded properly enough,causing me having to spit out some of the peppercorns, and the chunks of chicken bear some sort of unpleasant smell( I really wonder if they cleaned the chicken properly before deep frying it). The wedges is surprisingly ok, though, and the rice is passable, though it’s not as fragrant as a standard chicken rice dish. The rice and the wedges is the only thing that is tolerable, I suppose. As much as I just want to leave it there after a few bite, I forced myself to finish it nevertheless. After all, it does cost me RM4.50.  I wonder if the price will still remain Rm4.50 after a few more weeks. Most hawkers are raising their food price in order to adapt to the fuel raise a few days ago.


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