Tom Yum Goong

Good news. I found a good place to eat tomyum. Bad news. The cooks are not Malaysian. I went to eat at this Thai Fair in February,and went back there last night, and to my delight, the quality is still the same despite of the current state of economy. They’re even generous with their ingredients. (Ahem, local hawkers should learn from these Siamese, quality comes first). This bowl of ‘tomyam laksa’ cost me RM5.00.

Check this out, the ‘Tomyum laksa’ is excellent!


It was excitingly spicy, and have the sweetness of the prawn, so different from the locally cooked tomyam.

I found myself drinking up the soup and sweating while eating.

This is the picture of the stall that sell the excellent tomyam with laksa.

While this is the person who cooks the tomyum. Salute to you, sir. Delightful piece of cooking indeed!

These, ladies and gentlemen, are the ingredients. Fishballs, crabsticks, veggies and various kind of noodles. You can choose to your heart’s content.

This is their salad bar, selling signiture mango salads, glass noodles salads as well as papaya salads too. Their dessert, mango pudding is a must try.

I’ll find time to write more on my trip to this Little Thailand soon. Stay tune, people.


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2 Responses to Tom Yum Goong

  1. roses says:

    hey, i went to the thai fair when they stopped by my hometown. tom yam gung was pretty expensive but it was extraordinary compared to our very own version. i had their mango and rice dessert too. i dunno wad they called it but it’s quite popular up North

  2. cleffairy says:

    Hihi Roses, thank you for visiting. Yup, the tomyum cost rm5.00…quite expensive, but the tomyum is really nice… haha… really worth it, cuz the taste, like you said, is nothing like those tomyum&seafood restaurant. got the ‘sweet’& spicy taste. Really? You had their err… mango dessert? i wanted to try their mango dessert, but was too full because i drank too much water after eating the tomyum. it’s pathetic…i can’t take spicy food, but i simply loved the tomyum!


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