LRT suckers!

LRT and other means of public transport is now more useful than ever, thanks to the fuel price hike. And like most Malaysians these days, it doesn’t take much to piss me off. Every now and then, I take LRT to reach places that I need to go to avoid congestion ( sometimes, I’m just too lazy to drive if the place I need to go can be reached by LRT or busses) 

One thing that pisses me off during a recent LRT ride is some youngsters attitude. What attitude, you ask me? Ohh, apart from having to endure some horny teens PDAs on the train, I also have to hold myself from slapping some bitches and bastards who are so selfish that they ignored the disabled, old or pregnant women’s need to sit down on the seat provided.

I’m aware that this is not new issue, but it pisses me off nevertheless. Here’s the story. I was on an LRT ride, it was crowded and I have somehow managed to get a seat. And so, I sat there until the next stop, where I saw an expecting mother whom I believe to be 6-7 months pregnant, and another child around the age of 5 is trailing after her. Conscience doused me with cold water and I stood up abruptly to offer her a seat. But unfortunately for her, before she can manage to sit down, there’s this bitch who conveniently ignored her physical state pushed her aside, not too gently and sat down on that seat.

What the fuck? The bitch is no older than I am, and I was furious. Pissed, I asked her to stand up so that the pregnant lady can sit down. But she refused to do so, claiming that she sat there first, and since I’ve given up the seat, I should shut up and stop bitching. Then that bitch continued to chat with a pathetic excuse of a boyfriend, who said nothing about her attitude. Wah, that bitch nearly earned my wrath. I really would like to slap her and throw her out of the LRT if I could!

Luckily for the bitch, some other thing managed to sooth me, which is a young kid, who seems to be in primary school. The boy stood up and called out to the pregnant woman, who is holding onto the bar beside his seat.

“Makcik, mari duduk sini…saya nak berdirilah…” he smiled at the pregnant lady as he gave up his seat for her and gratefully, the lady took the seat.

At that moment, I felt proud. At least someone has manners. I would have told the boy’s parents how pleased I am with their son if they were there. Seriously, some adult and young adults alike needs to learn from the young boy.


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18 Responses to LRT suckers!

  1. warrior2 says:

    As I was reading your post, I was expecting a war. I had expected you to swore and pull her hair and slap her face and kick her ass ….just like that Incredible Hulk/ Wanted movie that I saw recently. awww..

    Normally boys and men will give up thier seats. Somehow women/girls are very territorial. It is not easy, generally, for a woman/girl to give up thier “territory”. They will generally NOT GIVE IN. If you do some observation you will know what I mean.

    That boy knew the trade well. INVITATION is the key word!

    Well, just carry on giving up seats for the elderly and the disable. Your act will be wachted and I am sure it will rub on to some.

  2. KevinP says:

    ahh welcome to the world of Malaysian teens.. :).

    Born and bred in KL.. these mofos have no courtesy whatsoever… rude and obnoxious… but at least they only cared for themselves… beware the lurkers who caress bust and butts during peak hour…

  3. cleffairy says:

    LOL… you watched too much movies, but i have to admit, I was so tempted to pull her by her hair and slap her… I think I’ve learn my lesson…next time I wanna give up my seat, I’ll extend an invitation first, obviously I lack tolerance towards rude people, but hey, I can’t help it.
    I really can’t understand why some young ladies refuse to budge from their seats… they’re young and definitely wun harm them if they give up the seat. *snarl*

    *sigh* But seriously… some passengers are really inconsiderate.

    And yes, Kevin is right… not only there are perverts who are after people’s ass, but there’s also pickpockets…I’ve heard enough stories of LRT passengers complaining about pickpockets…I guess it’s LRT is a very strategic place to do pickpocketing, since after they steal your stuff, they can always get off the LRT and escape.

  4. warrior2 says:

    I wrote something about my own experience of being molested in a bus(welcome one though) in my blog. Kalau rajin kena go back and check.

  5. cleffairy says:

    LOL… i went to check it out… it got me laughing. But i wun call it ‘molest’ lah, since you did admit you were enjoying it. LMAO. Some women are really shameless and horny… so desperate that in the bus also wan to open invitation to allow people to rub their crotch. =.=

  6. KevinP says:

    OMG… warrior oso kena molest? that is UNACCEPTABLE! LOL

  7. warrior2 says:

    aiya, masa itu saya belum warrior lagi la Kevin.

    If that thing happens to me now, I will definitely invite her out for a real molest session. Masa dulu, ada malu-malu sikit so I “ENJOY” in silence!


  8. cleffairy says:

    So… the banana is now ripe… no longer in green. LMAO… shiet man, my language getting from bad to worst….I guess proper language is one thing that internet users are incapable of learning =.=

  9. warrior2 says:

    Dulu was already ripe and ready. I was 26 la when it happened. But dulu, malu malu kucing. Now TAK TAU MALU! Even in public I will respond unashamedly!

    Yup, you are nearing the realm of phorno.

  10. KevinP says:

    Warrior be shouting.. RAPE ME!! RAPE ME!!! aha… 🙂

    Instead past his prime he asketh the question.. “Why dun wan to rape me???”

  11. cleffairy says:

    I think the three of us are going cuckoo! LOL let’s just pray our immediate relative dun see our insane comments. haha

  12. warrior2 says:

    Well I dont know about the two of you but nobody that I know knows about this blog of mine. Never told them.

    There are things that i wrote in my blog or if they traced me to other blogs that I visited and post comments in, it will run my reputation as an ANGEL

  13. cleffairy says:

    OMG, warrior an ANGEL…an angel who ‘tak tau malu’….begging to be groped…. hahaha. If you’re an angel, then I’m Queen Elizabeth of England. LMAO.

    Unfortunately for me…an airhead girl who happens to be my younger sister told my dad about my blog….I’m surprise that my old man haven’t lash his tongue at me for the choices of words that i decided to use….

  14. KevinP says:

    no wonder you now warrior2… the sequel… with vengeance! LOL…

    clef, what is this about QE II and Angel? Angel I am sure much prettier than the old hag…

    your old man should be proud that his girl now has a mind of her own.. :). Uncle, if you are reading this, its all in the name of fun… no worries, we make sure she “toe” the line.

  15. warrior2 says:

    and if Cleff goes overboard, WE WILL smack her butts! Oppss

    sorry Cleff (and err err uncle)

  16. pamina says:

    i am proud of you!

  17. arc says:

    If that happened to me, Ill kick the bitch’s tummy so she will remain seated there forever. What an impudent slut!!?

    Applause to the small child who’d offered his seat to the pregnant lady

  18. cleffairy says:

    This world full of suckers la… each time I take LRT, sure can see a lot of unpleasant things. Especially at those crowded stations.

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