3 Recommended Steps in Operating Plate Rolls

Plate rolls in metalwork are machines used to roll and bend metal plates. Proper operation of plate rolls involves wearing proper attire, regular inspection and cleaning of the machine, and careful observance of the specific plate roll operating manual.

Although plate rolls are very efficient, proper machine operation should be observed to avoid accidents. Here are ways to properly operate plate rolls:

Wear proper attire

Since rolling machines eat up metal plates for rolling, never wear loose clothing that may get stuck in the machine while rolling. These plate rolls can easily tear your clothes. Worse, your body parts may get stuck in it causing injuries and damage, not only to you but also on the machine. Always observe proper attire recommended by your company when operating plate rolls to avoid major damages.

Inspect and clean the plate roll.

Before every use, make sure you inspect and clean your rolling plate to ensure the desired shape is attained. It can help you avoid steel deformities and machine failure. To start off, turn the machine on and open the pinch rolls using the button or switch at the lower pinch roll. You can also open it by by simply pulling the pinch rolls down. Then, you can turn it off and check on the two pinch rolls that may need some cleaning. Use a clean rag to get rid of dirt build-up or corrosion. DO not forget to check on the rear side, too, for dirt and corrosion.

Carefully observe specific plate roll operating manual

Although most plate rolls operate similarly, it is important to read and understand the specific machine’s brand and make operating manual. Always observe special instructions in operating and maintaining your plate roll in order to avoid accidents and early machine breakdown. Repairing plate rolls can be quite expensive, so make sure you give it special care when using and cleaning. The following steps are the best way to generally use plate rolls:

* Prepare the steel you will roll, and slide it between the pinches.
* Make sure the steel plate does not pull from the pinch rolls.
* Turn the machine on, and keep the steel plate between the pinches until it is rolled.
* Continue by reversing the rolling direction. This is usually done by lowering the rear bending roll and pressing the button that turns the rolls forward, towards you.
* Go on with the process of moving the pinch rolls forward and backward, until you achieve the desired shape of your steel plate.
* Hit the release lever and slide out the rolled steel plate from the pinch rolls.
* To end, secure the top roll into place and turn off the machine.

Following the correct manner in operating plate rolls will not only result in safe machine operation, but it will also produce quality steel rolls. When properly used and cared for, plate rolls will perform much better and longer than you expect. It will give you the best results as you give it the best use and care.


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