4 Best Places to Learn Needlework Embroidery for a Fun Learning Experience

The best places to learn needlework embroidery are at The Embroiderers’ Guild of America, Needle in a Haystack, Pin Tangle, and Needle ‘n Thread.

Embroidery is one handicraft hobby known for many years. It is simply a type of needlework in which you decorate fabrics or canvasses by sewing patterns or designs with the use of a needle and different colors of thread or yarn and other materials like beads, pearls, sequins and more. This is one form of craft that you need to learn because it involves lots of stitching patterns and techniques to create a beautiful work of art. The following are great places where you can learn needlework embroidery:

The Embroiderers’ Guild of America

This organization is a non-profit institution that is open to everyone who has interest in needlework embroidery, whether a starter or a professional, and aims to preserve the art and tradition of embroidery. By paying a small fee, you can already avail of the membership and you are also entitled to lots of benefits like education opportunities that will help you in improving your knowledge and skills about the art. They also offer group or individual embroidery courses to their members that will engage them to high quality and in-depth learning experiences by professional and skilled embroidery teachers at a very reasonable cost. Their study programs will sharpen your skills and knowledge about embroidery techniques or disciplines.

Their headquarters is located at 1355 Bardstown Road Suite 157, Louisville, KY 40204.

Needle in a Haystack

This may be a shop specializing in needlework supplies like fabrics, threads, patterns, designs and books but they also offer classes to all needle workers who want to continue their education in their favorite area like cross-stitch or embroidery. They also have beginning clinics every month for those who are new or to the refreshers. They also offer private lessons to children and adults about different types of needlework. You just let them know what you wanted to know and they’ll arrange a time for you. The cost for every meeting is $35 per hour, exclusive of materials but you can bring your own materials or buy directly from the store.

The shop is located at 1533 Webster Street, Alameda, CA 94501.

Pin Tangle

If you want to learn embroidery at the comfort of your home then you probably want to schedule an online class with Pin Tangle. You will be taught by the site’s owner who is a needlework enthusiast herself. You must first book and pay before you can actually start. All classes are held at joggles.com where all the students can access and download their lessons in Adobe PGF document.

Needle ‘n Thread

For the fast learners and those who can learn easily via visuals and reading, this website offers you lots of videos and articles about the tips, tricks, techniques and other information that you want to learn about embroidery.


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