9 Truths Dentists Want You to Know for Good Oral Health

For good oral health, dentists want you to know all about: combining dental checkups with with oral screenings, gum disease, dental cleaning, good brushing habit, bad breath elimination, the right nutrition, dental problem treatment, the root canal procedure, and regular toothbrush replacement.

Many people are apprehensive about going to the dentist for several reasons, with fear being a major factor. However, you must overcome whatever causes your anxiety about visiting the dentist so you can have healthy oral hygiene. Below are some essential facts about oral care that you should follow if you want to achieve and maintain good dental health:.

Combine dental checkups with oral screening

A regular checkup with your dentist is very important. You also need to schedule time for a particular type of dental screening to see if there are any signs of oral cancer, a dental disease affecting the mouth, throat or lips. Cure is possible with treatment begins after early diagnosis.

Gum disease

Gum disease is one of the chief reasons of adult tooth loss. In fact, gum disease is also linked to heart disease and strokes. Gingivitis, an early stage gum disease, is treatable when addressed right away. The advanced stage, which is called periodontal disease, may result in bone loss. Proper and regular brushing along with daily flossing, checkups, and cleanings are the best ways to prevent gum disease.

Dental cleaning

Visiting your dentist regularly for dental checkups and cleanings are vital steps to follow if you want achieve good overall dental health. Both of these factors contribute to the prevention of cavities, gum disease, root canals, and oral cancer.

Good brushing habits

You have to brush your teeth properly and regularly if you want good dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day removes plague, a soft, sticky substance from bacteria and food particles that gathers on your teeth and causes cavities. You also need to floss daily to get remove the plaque and food particle that get stuck between your teeth that your toothbrush can not reach.

Bad breath elimination

Bad breath is a result of a dental problem. Talk to your dentist or oral hygienist about your present dental condition to help you eliminate the causes of your bad breath. It is important to note that using mouthwash will only temporarily cover the odor and does not address or cure the root cause at all.

Right nutrition

Proper nutrition can contribute a lot to good oral health. It is necessary to minimize intake of non-nutritious foods such as those that are high in sugar content. Soft drinks, for one, have so much sugar that when combined with the bacteria found in your mouth will eventually produce acids that damage your tooth enamel.

Dental problem treatment

A dental problem left unattended will not resolve itself. When you are given a treatment plan by your hygienist or dentist, you need to follow it precisely. Otherwise, the problems in your mouth will get worse. For instance, it you have cavities that go untreated, they will eventually get large enough that you will need a tooth extraction or a root canal instead, two procedures that could be avoided by a simple dental treatment when the problem was originally detected.

Root canal procedure

A root canal is not painful at all, and with today’s improved technology, it can be as painless as a filling. Although, it is always better to take good care of your teeth to prevent this procedure, to save money, and to avoid the anxiety undergoing this treatment.

Regular toothbrush replacement

It is a good idea to change your toothbrush every 3 months since it wears out by then. If you happen to have any gum disease, you need to replace your toothbrush every 4 weeks because of the bacteria hiding among the bristles of your brush.

It is the goal of every dentist to provide you with the right information on dental care for your general health. Whether he is a dentist located in California, or a dentist in Manhattan, every dentist has the same goal: to guide you through the proper ways to achieve good oral hygiene.


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