5 Useful Hints for Designing a Sunroom

When designing a sunroom, consider these useful hints so you will have the best layout: establish its purpose, fix your mind on whether to go for a DIY or hire a professional, gather a wide selection of designs from various sources, take into consideration energy-efficient materials, and choose the best location to make the addition.

A sunroom is a fascinating and useful home addition. It’s a restful and safe haven for you when you want to enjoy a relaxing day while reading your favorite book on a tranquil afternoon. Your design should perfectly fit your specific needs and wants. There are Delaware sunrooms that you might want to consider for your home addition project. You can also refer to this list of pointers when doing the design:

Establish its purpose

Be able to recognize the purpose of your sunroom. Determine its use to make it easy for you to come up with a design. You might need this type of room addition for family time or perhaps you intend to use it for your personal hideaway from the hustle and bustle of daily house chores. Although, it is necessary that this room should serve your various needs, you should come up with one chief purpose for its use.

Fix your mind on whether to go for a DIY or hire a professional

Come to a decision whether you will build the room yourself or hire a professional contractor to do the job. If you wish to do it yourself, make sure you are familiar and willing to work on the following matters:

* designing of the room addition
* purchasing of materials specifications
* building the sunroom from start to finish

Building sunrooms can be easy in a way since you can simply order pre-fabricated ones and install them when they are delivered. Moreover, it is vital that you only go for a do-it-yourself home addition when you are adept in doing projects like these on your own.

Gather a wide selection of designs from various sources

Have a huge selection of designs. You can get manufacturer’s catalogs by ordering through the net. You can also call prospective manufacturers to send you their latest catalogs so you have more options.

Take into consideration energy-efficient materials

Normally, a DIY sunroom is not energy efficient. With that, you need to deal with it by achieving maximum thermal mass. You can do this by utilizing materials made of bricks, concrete or stone for your floor. You can also increase thermal mass through water by having a water lily garden. You can also improve the energy efficiency of the room by painting the walls with light colors.

Choose the best location to make the addition

Your sunroom should be facing the sun. Therefore, you need to situate your main windows in such a way that they are facing the solar south. If you can’t have the ideal solar south, you can at least have a compass reading of within 15 degrees south.

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