7 Important Things You Need to Know Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

To ensure a smooth-sailing bathroom remodeling project, you might want to do the following before getting started: know the degree of change you want for your bathroom, determine your budget, decide whether you need to hire a contractor or can do the project yourself, know the layout as well as the structural and fixture changes you need to make, know the permits you need to obtain, check if your bathroom space can accommodate your planned layout, and know how much time you need to complete your bathroom project.

Every remodeling project takes careful planning to be successful. If you want to remodel your bathroom without much glitches and hitches, you must know certain things before getting started. Here are the most important considerations you need to remember:

Know the degree of change you want for your bathroom

Before you even start with your planning, you need to have an idea of what changes your bathroom needs. Does it need only surface changes, change in the layout, or a total remodeling? Knowing this will help you begin your project and estimate the materials you will need, your budget, and the time frame you are going to need to get the job done.

Determine your budget

Especially when planning for a complete remodeling of your bathroom, you must consider that aside from the materials and fixtures you are going to need, you will be spending money on the services of a bathroom remodeler or other professionals, such as plumbers and electricians. If your budget is limited, start thinking of ways to lower your expenses and save on costs. Always let your contractors know that your budget is limited so they can suggest money saving tips and show you cheaper alternatives to the materials you need.

Decide whether you need to hire a contractor or if you can complete the project yourself

For a basic surface renovation, maybe you can do the project yourself. On the other hand, for more a complicated bathroom remodeling project, you can always consider hiring a contractor to save time and to take advantage of their skills needed to get the project done, which you probably lack. Do not forget, though, that hiring a contractor can be quite expensive. If you want to save on costs, you can ask your contractor if you can do the easier jobs such as repainting of doors and walls and other simple jobs yourself while he handles the more difficult tasks.

Know the layout as well as the structural and fixture changes you need

Once you have thought about how you want to change your bathroom, look into the details so you know what changes you really need. Ask yourself if you need to change your wall, tiles, tub, faucet, toilet bowl, shower, and cabinets or just simply fix them up a little. Make sure that if you replace your fixtures and equipment, that they are be energy-efficient to save on long-term energy costs and help save the environment. Furthermore, choose materials wisely, especially since there is always moisture in your bathroom. Use flooring and walls that can tolerate moisture well.

Know the permits you need to obtain

Once you know the scope of your bathroom remodeling project, there just might be some permits you need to obtain, specifically electrical and building permits. Ask your local authority regarding the permits you need before you can start with your bathroom remodeling project.

Check if your bathroom space is enough for your planned layout

Once you have your layout planned, check if the current space of your bathroom can accommodate it. If not, you might need to change the layout of your bathroom or extend the existing space, if there is any available to you. Have a professional draw out your plan with actual dimensions, or you can draw the plan yourself using software available over the Internet.

Know how much time you need to complete your bathroom project

Are you remodeling your bathroom just in time for a special occasion? If so, then you have a time frame to consider. Think about how many days or weeks you have to complete your bathroom remodeling project. Knowing the amount of time you have will also help you decide whether you should complete the remodeling yourself or hire a bathroom remodeling contractor.

Once you have carefully planned your bathroom remodeling project, you will be delighted to experience a less stressful renovation. If you know the important things to be considered before starting your project, the results of remodeling your are sure to satisfy you.

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