8 Things to Ask Contractors to Guarantee Successful Bathroom Remodeling

These are the basic questions you need to know about before starting your bathroom remodeling project to ensure quality of work and success of the project: the contractor’s license and insurance, references, a time table and daily schedule, how much control each party has for the duration of the project, warranties, the payment terms, whether or not temporary fixtures are provided, and any other concerns you have.

With the many competing bathroom remodeling contractors, you might find it hard to determine which one is right for you. You need to find one that is professional with their work and one you can trust to deliver the quality of work you need. To check on reliability of bathroom contractors for a successful project, consider the following:

Ask for the contractor’s license and insurance

The first thing you need to ask bathroom remodeling contractors is for proof of license and insurance. You need to make sure the contractor you choose is legitimate in order to protect your rights and to get things running smoothly. Also, check with your local licensing department to make sure they are licensed contractors.

Ask for references

Whether the contractor on your list is recommended by trusted sources or you just found one in your local directory, always ask for references. Ask the contractor to provide you with a list of past projects with the names and contact information of the homeowners. This will allow you to personally see the quality of the contractor’s work. Furthermore, you will be able to discuss with the homeowners other concerns that cannot be discussed directly with the contractors, such as the attitude of contractors and their crew, as well as the homeowner’s experience during the project.

Request a time table and daily schedule

Your bathroom is not just a useless part of your home. You need to get the project done as soon as possible, so it is always wise to ask how long the remodeling could take. A professional contractor can give you estimates on this and will give you an allowance on roughly how long it takes if certain revisions are to be made or some problems come up in the middle of the project. Ask for their daily schedule, their working time, their lunch break, and breaks in between, so you can see if it is favorable on your part, too. If you wish to set the schedule for them, this is the appropriate time for you to open the idea up to contractors, including upcoming holidays.

Ask how much control each party will have for the duration of the project

Some contractors would prefer controlling the entire project. If there are concerns you want to bring up, you need to inform your contractor before the project is started to make things faster and more efficient. However, most of the time, homeowners want to take part in the process and handle some small decisions or jobs. You might want to choose your own materials personally to save on costs, for example. On the other hand, you might want the contractor to leave the small painting jobs to you, so you can save on fees. These things need to be discussed carefully with your contractor.

Remember to inquire about warranties

Most bathroom remodeling contractors give warranties for their work. Make sure you ask for written warranties with stipulated details, including the duration of warranties, for your protection. Double check that the contact details are valid and updated to avoid future problems.

Ask for the payment terms

Your budget is a very important part of your project. Make sure that the payment terms proposed to you are easy on your pocket and safe on your part. A safe payment term would mean partial payment before and during the project with the balance due after the remodeling has been completed. Never go for contractors that require you to make a full payment before the project is completed.

Inquire if they provide temporary fixtures

Considering the bathroom to be remodeled is your only bathroom, inquire if the contractor can provide a temporary toilet, sink, and other basic fixtures. Remember, though, that this may entail additional costs. Look for a place at home where this temporary bathroom can be appropriately located, preferably away from the remodeling area.

Do not hesitate to ask about other concerns

Every homeowner has different questions and concerns when it comes to home improvement projects. When interviewing contractors, do not hesitate to ask other questions like if your bathroom remodeling requires a permit, or performance questions like how long the contractors have been in the business, if they belong to associations, and how many projects they have completed. You can even ask about the work habits of the crew.

When it comes to remodeling your home, never hesitate to ask the things you need to ask in order to make your project less stressful and more successful. Especially with bathroom remodeling where money is a big factor, never allow your money to go to waste and always ensure quality and reliable work from your contractor.


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