9 Useful Tips that Help You Get Cheaper Auto Insurance

To help you get cheap and affordable car insurance, research different auto insurance types, compare as many insurance companies as possible, avoid getting a high-risk car, make sure your car is safe, increase your deductible, choose the auto insurance benefits you need, insure multiple vehicles or take advantage of multiple insurance discounts, ask for other discounts, and avoid paying in monthly terms.

Aside from maintaining your car, your car insurance is an expense you need to make room for in your budget. Your budget may be very limited, and it helps a lot to be aware of how to lower your insurance premiums. Here are some tips you will surely find useful to help you get that affordable car insurance you need:

Research different auto insurance types

Before starting to shop for auto insurance, make sure you know the different types of auto insurance coverage available for your different needs. There are certain websites that allow you to compare different auto insurance coverage. They help you give an idea of insurance prices as well as the services and benefits for certain auto insurance types. By knowing these important information, you will be able to determine which coverage to look into and which needs to be prioritized out of your budget. Examples of auto insurance types include comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, property damage,liability, and bodily injury liability.

Compare as many insurance companies as you can

The key to getting the best value for your car insurance is to get as many quotes as you can. Now that you have an idea which type of insurance to look into, you can search the Net for different insurance companies. Check on their legitimacy and reputability, then ask for best quotes and compare. If you are new to insuring your car, it is best to ask for recommendations from family and friends about their insurance companies. If the feedback is great, you can start canvassing these companies. Another way is to visit different insurance marketplaces where you can fill out questionnaires that are used as auto insurance leads. These insurance leads will be analyzed by insurance agents from different companies and quotes will be sent to you through your email account. When talking to different insurance providers, do not hesitate to give figures that other companies are giving and see if they can match or beat the rates. Do not hesitate to ask for discounts and other possible ways to lower your premiums..

Avoid getting a high-risk car

If you do not own a car yet, it is advisable that you choose one that is less prone to accidents compared to other vehicle types. For example, a sedan is cheaper to insure than a sports car, since more accidents are related to sports car because of their high speed capability. Furthermore, an older car model which is inefficient and prone to breakdown is also more expensive to insure than newer models.

Make sure your car is safe

Before you insure your car, make sure it is in a secure condition to save on insurance premiums. For example, keep your car parked in a garage and on the streets over night. When going to work, it is advisable that you park your car in safe areas where security is visible. Furthermore, install anti-theft and alarm systems to keep your car protected. Make sure your car also has safety features to keep you and your passengers safe, like airbags and an anti-lock break system. These safety features will make your car insurance cheaper.

Increase your deductible

Your deductible is the amount you have to pay out in the event of a car accident before you will get reimbursed by your insurance company. If you are an especially safe driver, this is a good way for you to get cheaper insurance premiums because the higher your deductible is, the lower your insurance premium gets.

Choose the auto insurance benefits you need

The more benefits and coverage you have, the higher your premiums will be. It is always wise to keep your coverage within your needs to avoid unnecessary costs. For example, if you are insuring an extra vehicle that is parked in your garage, you can consider taking advantage of storage insurance.

Insure multiple vehicles or look for multiple insurance discounts

If you have other cars in your family to insure, consider insuring them with the same reputable insurance company. Most providers give discounts if you insure more than one car with their company, making premiums more affordable for you. Another option is to use various insurance products, such as health and home insurance, from the same company and get discounts. The key to both strategies is to apply for more insurance policies to get the discounts.

Ask for other discounts

To lower your insurance premiums, do not hesitate to ask your agents for discounts. It is important that you know about these discounts as most of them will not be given to you unless you ask for them. The following discounts are usually granted by many insurance providers:

*Safe drivers–When you have gone to a driving school or you have a had a clean driving record for the past few years, you are likely to be considered a safe driver. Many insurance companies give discounts to safe drivers.

*Retirees–There are also other insurance providers that provide special discounts to retired individuals, since these drivers usually drive less than most. Retirement age is usually between 55-65 years old.

*Group discounts–Insurance companies may also give you discounts in groups you are affiliated with, such as the company you are working for, your college, and other affiliations.

*Student discounts–It is very common for insurance companies to impose higher premiums on teenage or student drivers. In fact, the older you get, the lower your insurance premium also gets. However, you can make you rates cheaper by maintaining good grades in school, which means you can be a responsible driver, too. Furthermore, you can take driving lessons and maintain great scores to help lessen your insurance premiums.

Avoid paying in monthly terms

When comparing different payment terms for your insurance coverage, you may notice that when you pay on an annual basis, the total insurance premium is actually cheaper. If you have extra savings, it is better that you pay this large amount in bulk to save on more expensive monthly installments You can also choose to pay semi-annually or quarterly, depending on your budget.

Car insurance may be expensive, but looking at these tips can surely help you lower your premiums without sacrificing your different insurance needs. It just takes a little more effort on your part to find a cheaper auto insurance that is right for your budget.


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