Top 4 Kitchen Plumbing Repairs You Can Handle On Your Own

The basics of kitchen plumbing can be best understood when looking at these important kitchen features: the kitchen sink, your faucets or water sprayers, the garbage disposal, and the dishwasher.

Basic kitchen plumbing problems are just normal occurrences in every household. You don’t have to call a professional Baltimore plumber just to fix basic problems because you can make the repairs yourself. Every homeowner should know the basics of kitchen plumbing because you will not only save money on expensive repairs but you can also save your time and avoid added frustration. These common kitchen features will teach you about the basics of kitchen plumbing.

Kitchen sink

Kitchen sinks are easy to install as long as a water disposal system exists. Choose a sink that perfectly fits your counter top and then test the sink’s fit to see if the level and the dimensions are just right. Before putting the sink on the counter top, put plumber’s putty into the drain hole and assemble the strainers in place. Below the sink, secure the drain nut and the tailpipe. Next, install the faucet, including the handles and valves. Then, connect the water lines. Set the sink on the counter top, and put putty around the lip of the sink to seal out any water. Fasten the mounting clamps under the sink. Apply caulk around the rims to secure them. Connect the pipe lines under the sink and tighten them carefully. Test to see that everything works out perfectly. Kitchen sink leaking problems usually only involve loosened pipe valves, damaged pipe lines, or worn out putty. Tightening the valves, replacing pipe lines if necessary, and reapplying plumber’s putty are the only ways to solve basic leaky sink problems.

Faucets or water sprayers

Usually, faucets are installed together with the kitchen sink, unless of course you have a separated built-in sink in your kitchen. When your faucet or water sprayer is on your sink, remember to put an ample amount of putty under their flanges before mounting them to the sink, assuming they do not have a plastic or rubber gasket. Connect supply tubes to the inlets underneath the hardware. When the sink is fixed to the counter top, connect the tubes to the supply system valves. To fix faucet problems, all you have to do is find the cause, which is either pipe leakage or damage, worn out putty, loosened valves or even water mainline damage.

Garbage disposal

A garbage disposal makes kitchen cleaning faster. This can be installed together with the sink and is usually placed on one of the sink’s holes. A specific strainer is usually placed on the hole first with putty and secured tightly. Follow the installation manual on how your disposal works before mounting the device. Problems involving the loosening of bolts, damage to hoses, and hose connection problems are common but can be easily fixed.


Unlike any other kitchen features, the dishwasher must be placed somewhere in the kitchen that has a good and separate supply of hot water, electricity, and a connection to the kitchen’s drainage system. Since they can be bought in different types and with different features, it is best to follow the manual for correct installation instructions. Simple troubleshooting with dishwashers includes seeing if the dishwasher is still working, if the plumbing is still connected, if the draining hose is clogged and if the filters are clean.

More difficult jobs, like the installation or repair of gas lines and water or sewer mainlines, are best handled by more experienced, professional plumbers. They can solve your problems quickly after a quick assessment of the situation.


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