6 Advantages of Prepaid Mobile Services over Postpaid Plans

Prepaid mobile service is when you purchase a credit in advance to use the services of a network provider. Otherwise known as “Pay-as-You-Go,” it offers advantages over using monthly billed options as it involves no long-term contracts and no paperwork and other requirements needed. Other advantages also include easier acquisition, greater flexibility, it’s more budget-friendly, and has faster decrease in airtime rates compared with postpaid plans.

Since its birth in 1996, the use of a prepaid SIM card has become increasingly popular because of its numerous benefits. It offers attractive advantages over a postpaid mobile service, which is its alternate mobile service option. Here are some of the advantages of prepaid calling card solutions compared with monthly billed options:

No long-term contracts

A postpaid plan involves a long-term contract between the mobile user and the service provider, involving fixed monthly bills that reflect the owner’s airtime and other charges incurred. Conversely, a prepaid mobile service is a “pay-in-advance” option that allows you to buy a credit to use the services of a network provider without entering into a contract. No contract would mean no commitment should you decide to cut off your service anytime, especially when dissatisfied with a particular mobile service provider. It is also advisable when staying in a country temporarily. With prepaid SIM cards, you do not have to wait until your contract ends to end service without having to pay for pre-termination and other applicable charges.

No paperwork and other requirements needed

Since you do not enter into a contract prepaid service, you do not need to provide personal information when using prepaid SIM cards. There are no proofs-of-billing and other identification requirements needed to subscribe to a network service, unlike postpaid plan applications. Furthermore, since postpaid plans are contracts, you have to be at least 18 years old to apply for one, making prepaid plans the right mobile solution for teenagers and younger kids.

Easier acquisition

Because no requirements are needed, prepaid plans can be very easily acquired. They can be purchased off the shelf or ordered through the Internet. Many online shops offer sale and delivery of prepaid SIM cards. This can be very helpful when you visit a particular country for a vacation or business for a few months time and need to have the SIM card ready when you arrive. To look for a shop selling prepaid SIM cards, you can type SIM card for USA in your search box. You can have your prepaid SIM card delivered to the address where you will soon be staying temporarily. Just make sure that the phone you will be using is compatible in your destination.

Greater flexibility

A prepaid calling card solution also offer greater flexibility compared to a postpaid solution as it gives you control over your mobile usage. If you think your calls, messages, and other services will be less in some months and more in others, a prepaid mobile service is the wisest option for you. It will also help you estimate the number of minutes or airtime calls you will incur for a particular period of time. A prepaid service is also good if you are a new entrant to the market and would like to try using mobile phones within a period of time, since no contract is involved. Furthermore, it offers greater flexibility since you can also use it in public pay phones in case of emergencies, like running out of battery charge or if your phone gets broken.

More budget-friendly

Postpaid plans usually come with mobile phones that you pay over the term of your contract , which initially makes it an affordable option for most. Although a prepaid mobile service could entail higher upfront costs when purchased with a mobile unit, it still proves to be more budget-friendly in the long run since you are able to better control your usage. Unlike in postpaid plans where you can use the service of the provider as much as you want, your service consumption with prepaid mobile solutions will only be limited to the credit you have.

Faster decrease in airtime rates

Because of increased competition among prepaid card providers, it has been observed that the decrease in airtime rates is faster with prepaid plans than postpaid plans. This trend has been attracting more mobile users to adopt prepaid plans over postpaid plans.

Currently, the services you get with postpaid plans are already present in prepaid cards, making it more practical to use. Roaming services, for example, are now being offered by most prepaid mobile service providers. Furthermore, prepaid loads can be easily purchased from convenience stores and gasoline stations that make it convenient for you to add credit to your prepaid SIM card anytime. In conclusion, if you want more flexibility, better control over your budget, and more convenience, a prepaid calling card solution is the perfect option for you.


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