6 Helpful Ways to Improve and Enjoy Your Pool Game

To improve your pool game, you need to know the basics of the game, learn from the experts, practice, keep your focus and confidence, strategize, and play comfortably.

You may have been playing pool for a without improving your performance. You make the same good shots, but you also make the same mistakes. You know there are things you have yet to learn about the game to make better shots and up your game. Here are easy ways to improve your pool game and conquer the pool table:

Know the basics of the game

If you have been playing pool for some time you may have noticed that some shots just do not work with certain aims, positions, and strikes. Still, you might be missing the basics in playing to conquer the pool table. Here are the basic positioning strategies that will help you make your pool game a lot easier and better:

*Always make your cue shot as smooth and consistent as possible. Position your forward hand on the pool table as stable as you can so you are able to get right at what you are aiming for. Let your cue stick flow as smoothly as possible through your forward hand, without losing control of your shot.

*Identify which pocket you want to shoot your object ball at. Align the middle of your object ball to this pocket using your cue stick with its tip pointing the at target pocket. This will give you an idea of which part of the target ball you will aim for when taking your shot.

*Once you already have an aim and you are in the right position, look at the cue ball or the target ball, whichever works best for you, and take the shot a little bit below the middle of the cue ball. Experts usually advise beginners to concentrate on the cue ball.

*When finally making the shot, it is usually recommended that you keep your executing arm near your body. Your elbow should be bent around ninety degrees and movement should be from your shoulder and not your hands. Do not make your strike too weak or too strong but with enough force to you hit your aim.

Learn from the experts

Another great way to improve your pool game and play like a pro is to learn from the experts. Play with a superior pool player and learn from his moves and his tactics. Observe his strokes in different situations. Ask questions and seek advice. Let him share with you the ways to play the game right. You can also watch tournaments in your favorite sports bar or those shown in your television and study the pro’s moves. Finally, you can read books on playing pool and try to experiment on the tips shared.

Practice, practice, practice

As with any other sport, practice really makes you a great pool player. It takes time and effort to master the skills of playing the game, such as aiming, positioning, and striking the cue stick. You may have learned the basics about playing pool, but you also have to observe your own moves that make you perform at your best. For example, some experts advise that you look at the cue ball when aiming and making the shot, but you realize that your shots are better when you focus on your object ball. If this is the case, then go on with what makes your performance better.

Keep your focus and confidence

Two important things you need to maintain when playing pool are your focus and confidence. Focus is one big factor you must carry into every shot if you want to hit your aim and put the ball in the target pocket. Keep your confidence high so you can keep your focus and so that the force you exert when striking the cue ball will be just enough to make your point.


When you are already good at aiming and striking, you have to learn how to strategize. Good strategy in pool games is to get your cue ball into a position that will make it easier for you to do your next strike after making a successful shot. Another scenario deals with playing a competitor. If the strike you want to make is impossible for you to accomplish, you need to hit the target ball with the intent to make the next shot difficult for your competitor. The worst thing is opening up the table for your competitor to make a great shot!

Play comfortably

Finally, when playing pool, you have to feel good about every shot you make. It is very important that you are comfortable with your position when striking and with the clothes you wear. Minimize accessories that may distract you when playing. Play nice and easy, but never take for granted even the easiest shot you need to make.

Playing the pool sure is fun, but it takes a lot of practice, effort, and skills to be good at it. Take time to master the game and enjoy every moment you play. Give your best shot at every strike you make. Learn from your every move, whether it is a success or a mistake, and you are sure to improve your performance, shot after shot and game after game.


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