6 Reasons Why Your Horse Bucks When You Ride It

The most common reasons why horses buck when you ride them are: your horse had too much to eat, the environment has changed, you use uncomfortable equipment on your horse, your animal has health issues, your horse is excited, or your horse simply does not want to be ridden or does not like the way you ride.

You may have been wondering why your horse seems to buck when you ride it lately. The thing is, you will never solve this problem until you know the cause for such behavior. Here are the most common reasons why a horse bucks when you ride it:

Your horse eats too much food

In as much as you want to give your horse enough food and horse nutritional supplements to keep him fit and healthy, you must keep in mind that he should only take in what he needs for his activities. Horses can get overactive and can buck when your ride on them when they eat food than they actually need.

Change in environment

Another common reason why your horse may buck is because of a change in environment. Maybe you moved him to a new place, or maybe you have a new groomer around. Observe anything new around your horse that can cause him to buck, including new animals on the farm.

You use uncomfortable equipment

Horses mostly tend to buck when saddles and girths are not properly fitted. Always remember to check that the saddle does not put too much pressure in one area or that the girth around the horse’s belly is not too tight. Any uncomfortable and painful feeling your horse experiences can make him buck every time you ride. Even the process of saddling your horse can cause uneasiness,and make your horse buck.

Health issues

Aside from the pain your horse might be feeling with the equipment on him, he may buck when he is not feeling well. If everything seems to be great around him and the saddles and girth are just fine, your horse could be sick and not up for a ride. He may also be feeling some pain in his body. Check with your vet to see if he is ill or has some skeletal problems that need attention.

Your horse is excited

Especially if your horse is used to staying at the stable, riding him may cause him to buck because of excitement. Yes, horses do get excited when given the chance to run around the field and release their energy. To stop him from bucking, give him something to focus on so he can divert his attention. Soon, bucking will occur less often and he will get used to being ridden when you make it a routine.

Your horse does not want to be ridden or does not like the way you ride

The final reason why your horse may buck once you ride him is simply because he does not want you to ride or drive him at all. Horses may even buck for no obvious reason at all. It is just the same as some people getting lazy to go to work. Your horse may also be trying to tell you that he is uncomfortable with the way you ride or drive him.

When your horse bucks, he is trying to tell you something. You must learn how read the signs and learn his body language in order to keep him from bucking again. Find ways and ask some expert advice to keep him calm so you can go for the ride.


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