9 Steps to Successfully Use a Snorkel

You can successfully use a snorkel by following these basic steps: check your gear, have the proper position for the rubber strap, submerge your head into the water, blast out the water, inhale gently to release water, study how to move smoothly on the water surface, dive and discover life underwater, ascend and purge, and breathe by taking off the snorkel.

Exploring the underwater world is a terrific and exciting experience, especially for the adventurous individual. If you want to try snorkeling, make sure you have the right type of snorkeling gear. Otherwise, you might find it difficult, maybe even impossible, to successfully enjoy the view. Here are some basic steps you need to follow when using a snorkel:

Check your gear

Make sure your snorkel and mask fit you correctly. Make sure comfortable and easy to wear.

Properly position the rubber strap

Position the small rubber strap, which is attached from the snorkel to the mask, in such a way that your snorkel can pass right above your ear on the left. If you happen to use a special kind of snorkel intended for left-handed snorkeling, then it will pass through the right.

Submerge your head into the water

First, take a deep breath. Then bite the mouthpiece and dip your head into the water.

Blast the water

You blast, or purge, by exhaling harshly one time to release the water from the snorkel.

Inhale gently to release water

You have to inhale lightly just in case there is still remaining water in your snorkel. You will continue blasting any time water gets into the snorkel.

Study how to move smoothly on the water surface

Try moving gently on the water surface. You must refrain from making rapid movements, as this can allow water to permeate into your gear.

Dive and discover underwater life

In order to start exploring the life underwater, you need to inhale, hold your breath, and then dive into the water.

Ascend and purge

When you ascend from the water, ensure that the end of the snorkel is over the water. After that, purge to release the water from the tube.

Breathe by taking off the snorkel

When you breathe, be careful that the snorkel is free of water. If you no longer have an ample supply of air to purge, raise your head on the surface and remove your snorkel to breathe.

It is vital to release water from the snorkel. If you need to clear the water, you should grip the mouthpiece firmly with your teeth, do the popping that is done by powerfully exhaling from your mouth and expelling water, softly inhale any remaining water, and lastly, blast every time water gets to your snorkel.


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