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The Idea of Love

Love is a very universal thing, there are many sort of love exist in this world. Love for your parents, love for your country, love for your family, love for your spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend as well as love for … Continue reading

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6 Good Books for the Kindergarten Science Fair Champion

Here are 6 good books that should adequately point that young, budding scientist to the right direction: The Everything Kids Science Experiments Book; Hands-On Physics Experiments (Activity Book, Grades K-2); Einstein’s Science Parties: Easy Parties for Curious Kids; The Everything … Continue reading

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3 Science Experiments that Are Guaranteed Hits at Science Fairs

Here are 3 simple but fun science experiments that are guaranteed hits at science fairs: the backyard rocket launcher, the egg squeezer, and how to produce carbon dioxide. Looking for awesome science fair projects that will leave other kids goggle … Continue reading

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4 Requisites in Making Your Science Fair Project Stand Out During a Science Fair

In order to make your science fair project stand out during a science fair, it should be able to meet the following requisites: project is original; display is well-presented and organized; visuals are appropriate; project title is correct. You spent … Continue reading

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4 Simple yet Interesting Science Fair Projects on Alternative Energy

Alternative energy is the type of energy that comes from sources that makes use of renewable resources like water, wind, and sun.  For your science fair project that involve alternative energy, you can study how wind mills work; determine what … Continue reading

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4 Interesting Science Fair Project Ideas Relating to Solar Energy

Solar-powered doll house, solar hot dog cooker, solar heater, and water purifier are ideas of science fair projects that are in relation to solar energy. The sun’s energy has been an environment-friendly energy resource that can be used in our … Continue reading

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4 Interesting Ways to Help Educate Students on Environment and Renewable Energy in a Classroom Setting

Renewable energy involves the use of renewable sources such as sun, wind, water, and steam to produce energy.  It is important to create awareness among people, especially kids, for the use of such energy sources to help save the environment.  … Continue reading

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4 Recommended Microbiology Science Fair Projects

Here is a list of four recommended microbiology science fair projects that you can have: culture of microorganisms using liquid agar; production of yogurt; mold growth; and, antibacterial testing. Microbiology is a branch of biological science that involves the study … Continue reading

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6 Best Strategies for Teachers in Preparing Students for Science Fair

One of the goals of a teacher is to be able to prepare students for various school activities and events such as a science fair. Here are best strategies that a teacher can do to help  students in their preparation: … Continue reading

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4 Interesting Facts Explaining Why LSU Tigers Wear White Football Jerseys during Home Games

LSU tigers wear white football jerseys during home games because of these four interesting facts: On the championship game they won in 1958, on New Rules implemented in 1982, on fighting the good fight, on the tradition that continues with … Continue reading

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