12 Best Wall Art Ideas to Enliven Your Boy’s Room

The kind of wall art that would fit your boy’s room are the following: wall decals, wall murals, stick ups, wall clocks, personalized name art prints, decorative shelves,  metal wall art, wall decals, posters, decorative shelves, canvas wall decor, and wall plaques.

Accessorize your boy’s room with the following fantastic wall art ideas that will make his room even livelier yet still comfortable:

Wall decals

Wall decals and stickers are among kids’ favorite stuff to put on their walls.  You can post stickers of your little boy’s favorite superhero or cartoon character.

Wall murals

Murals look wonderful, especially in your kid’s room, as you are able to make your own design and make the room as colorful and lively as you want it to be.  Murals can either be painted or stuck on the wall like vinyl wall art that are friendly on wall’s paint.  You can choose from a variety of designs that fit your little boy’s room such as space-themed or forest and animal-themed designs.

Stick ups

Stick ups are not only creative, but they are also fun to put up with your kids.  Glow-in-the–dark stick ups, such as stars, planets, or even dinosaurs are great designs for your boy’s wall.

Wall clocks

For an interesting time check, you can put up a wall clock with your kid’s favorite design or shape of wall clock.  Find great designs, such as Transformers logo wall clock or a football-shaped clock.

Personalized name art prints

Names of kids appear not only on the doors of their rooms, but also on their walls.  Horizontally arranged, little frames or cubes comprising each letter of your boy’s name are hanged on their wall to create a more personalized and delightful room.

Decorative shelves

Painted with blue or any color your kid loves, a decorative shelf can be used to display his stuff.  Decorate the shelf with his little toy soldiers lining up or his miniature model airplanes, as well as his books, other school materials, and even picture frames with photos from his childhood.

Metal wall art

Not only do they look contemporary, but they also look great on your boy’s room, especially if he made up his own wall art.  There are also a variety of metal wall art designs available on the net you can choose from.

Wall decals and pennants

Unlike in a kid’s room where you can choose to put up cartoon character or superhero-inspired wall decals, you teen boy’s wall designs could be sports or anime-themed.  You can put up logo-themed wall decals or pennants of his favorite team and title logos of his favorite anime.


Just as you think posters are already out of style, that may not be the case for your boy.  Get him a poster of his favorite video game character or his favorite band to make his room cool enough for him.

Decorative shelves

Consider also putting up a decorative shelf in his room where he can display his books, memorabilia, and his other decors.

Canvas wall decor

This wall art looks great on top or across your boy’s bed.  Get him designs such as photos of air crafts and car models.

Wall plaques

Sports-themed wall plaques also make great wall decors.   As your boy gets more athletic or more involved in collectibles and memorabilia, do not forget to pick wall plaques that could either look fresh or vintage, depending on your teen’s taste.

It is very important to invigorate your boy’s room in order for him to enjoy his room, making it a more comfortable place to play and study.  Just as you have your own taste in choosing decors for your room, your boy surely has his own taste too, so do not forget to ask for his ideas.


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