4 Essential Factors that Make Up a Good Web Page

The following factors make up a good web page: purpose, content, Web site usability, and design.

Now that more people are using the Internet, establishing your own web page is one of the best marketing strategies for businesses to gain reputation, popularity, to build trust with customers, and to advertise their products.  With many advantages, most business owners are willing to allocate a good portion of their money to have a web page of their own by letting the professionals do the programming for them. Many programmers are now accepting this kind of jobs like Sault Ste Marie web design and marketing.

But as a client, you must also know that there are certain factors to consider for you to distinguish if the web page is good enough for you business. They are listed below:


The web page’s purpose should be aligned to your business goals. If you plan to make the web page as a company’s outlet to accept orders, then make one with product navigation and payment methods. Stick only to what the site is intended for.  Designate appropriate sections in your Web site to different purposes. With your page’s purposes in alignment with your goals, it wouldn’t be long that all your business goals will be achieved.


Another factor that makes up a good Web site is that contents are clearly stated and can be easily understood. Information should be laid out properly and should be straight to the point. If the Web site is more on advertising products, information like item descriptions and prices should be placed where it is prominent and readily accessible by the customers. As much as possible, the site should always be updated on a regular basis and should always have fresh and interesting contents. Also make sure that links are working and the website can be browsed in different browsers.

Web site usability

Web site usability should focus on the company’s goals and more on the customer’s needs and expectations because it will determine if visitors can indeed interact with the web page. Good usability means that user won’t have to take long and won’t have any difficulty in browsing your website, and they should be able to find whatever they are looking for without being bored. To have good web page usability, the web page should be easy to navigate and its content should be considered.


This factor may be the least to consider but psychologically people instantly get attracted to things that are catching to their senses – usually on what they see and hear. The web page design also enhances the whole appearance of the site. That is why, placement of the title, images, and contents, page length and width, links, graphics, use of sounds, etc, should be reviewed carefully.

If you want your business to expand, why not try what the Internet can do for you. Try investing on a web page and see what difference it can make to your business.


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