4 Interesting Science Fair Project Ideas Relating to Solar Energy

Solar-powered doll house, solar hot dog cooker, solar heater, and water purifier are ideas of science fair projects that are in relation to solar energy.

The sun’s energy has been an environment-friendly energy resource that can be used in our homes and in our day-to-day activities. This has also became a favorite topic for students for their science fair projects because of the learning it can give about its concept and the awareness that it can be a good source of energy that is free for everybody and does not cause any ill effects to the environment. Because of its popularity to students, there are solar energy science fair projects kits now available in the market which already includes the materials, instructions, and how it works.

Solar-powered doll house

Very good solar energy science fair project are usually ones that make use of a solar panel. Solar panels absorb solar energy and convert it to electrical energy which can be used to light up bulbs or turn on an appliance. One good demonstration on how solar panels work is by making a solar-powered doll house. All you have to do is build a miniature house with a roof made up of solar panels. The panel will then be connected to an electric circuit and a light bulb.

Solar hot dog cooker

This project is a simple yet fun and interesting way for children to learn about how important and useful the emitting energy from the sun could be. This will also teach them that this could be a very good alternative from the other forms of energy we use at home like gas or electricity to cook the food we eat. Its materials consists of readily available materials that can be seen at home like a cardboard box, tin foil or aluminum foil, poster board, wire coat hanger, cellophane or masking tape, and a hotdog for the experiment.

Solar water heater

Solar energy is a good source of thermal energy and this can be vividly displayed and explained in this project. For this project to work, you need to build a collector and a storage tank/heater separately. For the collector, you will need cardboard boxes, lots of glue, tin foil, a few feet of copper tubing, a gallon of tar, boards, funnel, plastic tubing, and a duct tape. On the other hand, you will need a small can with plastic lid, soft copper tubing, cardboard box, thermometer, insulation materials, and a soldering iron and solder for the storage tank/heater. After you built both, you’ll have to connect the two with the tubing. Children might need adult supervision in assembling the model.

Water purifier

Though this project is considered a water science experiment, it can also be considered a solar energy science project because it uses the sun’s energy to basically make it work. This project demonstrates that with the sun’s power, evaporation and condensation can take place and can be a means for water purification. You will only need a large clear bowl, plastic food covering, a clean drinking glass, salt, food dye, drinking water, and a pebble to make the experiment.


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  4. vishwa narayan says:

    here is a solar powered portable water purifier i’m working on:



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