5 Effective Suggestions to Make Floors Less Slippery

Floor accidents can be avoided when the floor is less slippery. Here are five product suggestions you can use to make your floors less slippery: Slip NoMor, Skid Safe Water Based Sealer, Floorsafe Add-a-grip, Magnesium and water solution, and Globe Safe Technology Solutions.

Slippery floors are the most common cause of trips and falls that may result in serious injury. With a slippery floor in your home, you and your love one’s safety is at risk. Floor accidents may cause serious spinal damage and head injuries that can even result to death. Cleaning and making your floor less slippery is as important as taking precautions in crossing the road. Using chemical solutions that can add grip and resistance to your flooring is one solution that can make the floor less slippery.

Slip nomor

Slip NoMor products are non-slip solution for vinyl and wood flooring that protect the floor and makes it slip-free. This solution is also effective in making linoleum flooring less slippery. Applying a generous amount weekly will provide a matte surface finish that will preserve and protect the floor’s natural look even longer. The gentle chemical composition effectively works well in all types of solid surfaces. The solution increases the friction coefficient of the floor making any flooring accident-free.

Skid safe water based sealer

Skid Safe water base sealer is a modified resin solution that is used in increasing the friction resistance of any types of flooring. It increases the slip resistance of any wet floors as much as dry floors. This technology makes this product a perfect solution for avoiding trips and falls on wet marble flooring on pools or patios. The solution is very easy to apply and only needs up to four coating to ensure maximum effectiveness. It is also stain proof and does not crack.

Floorsafe add-a-grip

When you want to mop the floor, Floorsafe Add-a-Grip is the supporting liquid that you can add to your water bucket. This solution provides a slip resistant film that remains on the floor after mopping. This clear solution will add more resistance and grip to the floor’s surface, which is very ideal for frequent cleaning. Moreover, it does not damage or leave yellowish stains to the floor.

Magnesium and water solution

Magnesium is a popular grip powder used for wall or rock climbing. The powder element adds grip to the hands. By mixing 300 grams magnesium and at least 5 liters  of water, you could make your flooring resistance more greater. After mopping this solution on the floor allow it to dry for at least thirty minutes to ensure that all the liquid is evenly evaporated. As the liquid evaporates, the dissolved magnesium will remain on the floor and increases the floor’s slip resistance.

Globe safe technology solutions

An Australian company that provides a series of non-slip products used for all types of solid flooring surfaces. They have different types of chemical solutions designed to increase floor friction. By applying the product to the flooring and mopping it with water, the liquid will penetrate into the microscopic channels made by the solution. This will then provide a non-slip surface to the flooring.

Other chemicals may be harmful and can destroy the floor, so be careful in choosing the most suitable solution for your flooring. Keep your family safe by making your floor accident-free. Regular cleaning and checking your floor resistance are just the few things that you can do to ensure that your family would avoid serious floor accident.


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