6 Best Strategies for Teachers in Preparing Students for Science Fair

One of the goals of a teacher is to be able to prepare students for various school activities and events such as a science fair. Here are best strategies that a teacher can do to help  students in their preparation: develop techniques on motivation; guide students in selecting topics; integrate the fair with other subjects; include the entire school; inform parents; set up a timetable.

The success of science fairs rely greatly on the capacity of the teacher to encourage students to perform well during a science fair school activity. The preparation is one aspect that plays an important role in the success of this event. Preparation starts right inside the classroom.  It is the role of every teacher to help the students prepare for any kind of fair such as a science fair. Below is a list of strategies you can try doing, and see the big difference:

Develop techniques on motivation

Think of some motivation methods you can use to bring the spark in your students’ eyes when you mention the words science fair. Although, rewards are very promising and convincing for students, yet, you need to emphasize that the reward after all, is not on garnering a first or second place medal or trophy. But, just by joining the science fair, each participant is already a winner in his own right. The hard work, patience and perseverance in doing the project  are already worth some recognition. You can give your word that each one of them who joins shall receive a certificate of recognition.

Guide students in selecting topics

You need to coach your students in the topic selection, as well as in choosing the types of projects to make. One way to do it, is to supply them with books about science fair projects. This will enable them to have a huge selection of ideas. You can also provide them with a vast list of topics by printing a copy and posting it on your bulletin board for easy access to everyone in the room.

Integrate the fair with other subjects

Your science fair should be a cross-curriculum activity where students do not only develop their awareness on science, but at the same time express their knowledge about other subjects. Math can be incorporated in a science fair when the student is asked to do measuring and estimating of a particular project. The English subject comes into the picture when teachers require students to make an individual write-up about the finished project.

Include the entire school

One way of going about this, is by asking the school librarian to have an exhibit of  books specifically on science projects, experiments, and even about scientists. This will liven up the science fair mood among participants.

Inform parents

Informing parents about the said event will surely ignite students’ interest on joining. This will promote an effort from the parents to extend moral support to their kids. By informing parents, they can very well help their kids too in doing their projects. But, it should also be carefully and properly emphasized that the help mentioned does not mean doing the project in behalf of their kids. A science fair aims to allow students to explore and express what they have learned in their science class through project-making. Brainstorming for a topic and for a type of project can be done and formulated with some parents’ assistance.

Set up a timetable

Making a time table and implementing a strict compliance of the planned activities would be of great help to you,  to your students and to their parents. The timetable will serve as a guide for everyone. And, this will surely bring greater chances of finishing the project on time.

Among the many helpful methods in helping students prepare for science fairs,  supplying them with good project ideas and topics is one of the most crucial aspect. To do so, you can refer to various reading materials such as the Teacher’s Guide to Science Fair Projects, in order to give the best guidance to your students.


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