6 Delightful Gift Ideas that Newborn Babies and Toddlers will Surely Love

If you want to give something really fascinating and memorable to a newborn baby or a toddler, you can give personalized gifts; check out easy-to-make baby presents; look for some RBW items for newborn babies; find some interesting costumes and accessories for toddlers; grab some unique toys; and care for some educational toys.

Choosing gifts for newborn babies and toddlers may sound so easy, but if you want to give something really special, it might actually be really confusing.  To come up with the best present, you must think of something really appealing to the senses of the baby, something that the baby or parents can use, or something that answers both.  Here are delightful and colorful ideas to help you out:

Give personalized gifts

Every present you actually give shows your thoughtfulness, but personalizing your gifts add some special touch that makes them more memorable.  There are endless choices for personalized baby gifts.  You can think of something that the baby or toddler can actually use, such personalized tag blankets, pillowcases, hooded bath towels, bibs, caps, and even a set of these basic baby necessities.  You can also give a personalized diaper bag with a custom-made bag tag or maybe think of giving a name patch that can be attached on the baby stroller.  Choose colorful items or those that match the gender of the baby or the theme of the event.

Check out easy-to-make baby presents

If you love to do some artwork and give a really memorable gift, you can think of easy-to-make baby presents.  You can make a really practical and creative diaper cake, sew a baby tag blanket or comforter, knit a blanket or infant cap, and make a doorknob hanger with the baby or toddler’s name on it.  You can also make a creative gift basket and put in all other gifts you bought for the baby.  There are also other simple yet captivating toys for babies and toddlers that you can make or sew by yourself.  Patterns are available online and in some magazines.

Look for some RBW items for newborn babies

Another great present you can give a baby is a toy or decor that has RBW or red, black, and white colors.  The first colors that babies see are the contrasting colors of black and white, and later on, red.  These colors are very attractive to babies and are very helpful in the baby’s brain development.  Great gifts include RBW balls, baby mobile decors, flash cards, crib decors, and even socks.

Find some interesting costumes and accessories  for toddlers

Toddlers are fun to dress up, especially now that they are learning or starting to walk.  Older toddlers also start to have their favorite characters.  Costumes are just adorable gifts you can give them, whether boys or girls.  Choose colorful costumes or ask their parents what animals or characters their toddlers love.     You can also think of giving toddler shoes with attractive designs that are flexible, soft, and skid-resistant.  Just make sure you know the shoe size of the baby.

Grab some unique toys

Newborn babies still cannot see clearly, but all the other senses work just great.  You can give newborn babies something they can cuddle to sleep or something they can hear like musical babies.  These are great gifts to soothe babies.  These gifts may be very common, so make sure you choose a unique design.

Toddlers on the other hand, already love to explore with all their senses.  They already respond to those who play with them.  It is just great to give them unique toys that stimulate their senses, such as plush toys that giggle, laugh, and sing songs when pressed; animal toys that make silly sounds; crawling caterpillars; and vibrating or shaking animals.  Musical bump-and-go toys are also fun for toddlers.  You can also give play-pretend toys for older toddlers.

Care for some educational toys

Does the word education sound boring to you?  It does, but if you put the word “toy” on it, it would be much interesting.  Toddlers love to play and parents love to educate their kids.  This is the best combination you can give to toddlers.  A lot of educational toys are available in the market.  Just make sure that these toys are appropriate for the child’s age.  Do not buy an educational toy for kids aged five and up for an 18-month-old toddler.  Great educational toys for toddlers include wood puzzles, shape sorters, soft blocks, and stacking toys.

Giving a memorable and enjoyable gift to a newborn baby or a toddler need not be expensive.  Just be creative and make do with your resources, especially your budget.  Most importantly, give with much thoughtfulness.  Give from your heart and your gift will always be loved.


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