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4 Recommended Microbiology Science Fair Projects

Here is a list of four recommended microbiology science fair projects that you can have: culture of microorganisms using liquid agar; production of yogurt; mold growth; and, antibacterial testing. Microbiology is a branch of biological science that involves the study … Continue reading

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4 Interesting Ways to Help Educate Students on Environment and Renewable Energy in a Classroom Setting

Renewable energy involves the use of renewable sources such as sun, wind, water, and steam to produce energy.  It is important to create awareness among people, especially kids, for the use of such energy sources to help save the environment.  … Continue reading

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4 Requisites in Making Your Science Fair Project Stand Out During a Science Fair

In order to make your science fair project stand out during a science fair, it should be able to meet the following requisites: project is original; display is well-presented and organized; visuals are appropriate; project title is correct. You spent … Continue reading

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