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The Tale of Sardine Sandwich

I’m quite bored with politics, and since today is weekend, and a very special day to me, so I’m not going to talk about politic. Well, at least not yet. I’m going to talk about sardine, specifically sardine/mackerel sandwich. In … Continue reading

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8 Awesome Gift Ideas for Those Turning 50

A few great gift ideas for those who are turning 50 are a compilation of 1960s media clips, customized 50th birthday presents, a deck of trivia cards of the 60s, circulated coins, stamp art, poems and books for the 50, … Continue reading

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9 Interesting 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Gifts that are sure to please your moms, aunts, and close lady friends on their 60th birthday include oldies music, 1950s candy mix, 1950s time capsule, 60th birthday charm bracelet, book for seniors, greetings from loved ones, birthday signature plate, … Continue reading

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6 Wonderful 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

To show your care for a wonderful man who will be turning sixty, you can take him to a ball game, keep him up with latest gadgets, surprise him with a portrait of him in his younger years, personalize some … Continue reading

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7 Quick Tips in Making Your Office More Functional

To make your office more functional, make sure there’s enough empty room space; keep needed things within reach; organize your desk, drawers, and cabinets; get rid of unnecessary equipment, furniture, and little things in your office; check your drawers and … Continue reading

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7 Wonderful Gift Ideas for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

Some ideas for 50th anniversary gifts are a 1960 DVD, 2-window picture frame, custom anniversary bell, family tree, restored wedding photo, teddy bear gang, and gift certificates. Make the couple’s 50th anniversary special through giving them these special gifts as … Continue reading

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6 Excellent 50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

If you want to make a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary magical and memorable, consider the following ideas:  paint everything with gold; surprise the couple with a video documentation; revive those oldies music; bring in the little ones;  dress up for … Continue reading

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4 Important Lighting Tips for a Functional and Cozy Bedroom

To achieve a functional and cozy bedroom, proper use of  lighting is essential. Simply follow these tips: combine general lighting and task lighting; emphasize the attractive spots in your room; get to know the different lighting types; and, ensure a … Continue reading

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8 Excellent Ways to Host a Memorable Christmas Party

Hosting a Christmas party can be fun and exciting. Make your party a memorable one by doing these simple ways: set a date; set a budget and figure out the number of guests;  send out invitations; plan your menu; decorate … Continue reading

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5 Cheerful Ideas for a Silver Wedding Anniversary

Here are delightful 25th anniversary ideas: formal silver wedding anniversary party; casual silver wedding anniversary party;  renewal of wedding vows; theme party; and, silver-dominated invitations, decoration and other paraphernalia. Since the 25th wedding anniversary is represented by silver, this is … Continue reading

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