12 Important Baby Shower Facts

Here is a wide array of information which are important in having a full grasp about baby showers : baby entitled to it; best time to have it; host to a baby shower; guests to be invited over; involvement of guys during the party; appropriate themes; activities to do during the shower; food to serve; games to play and prizes to give away; decorations to use; best presents to give for the expected baby; baby shower alternative.

Good planning is essential in throwing baby shower parties. The budget is on important aspect that needs extra consideration. You need to understand several detailed facts about a baby shower in order to appreciate its entirety.

Baby entitled to it

It was a tradition to hold a baby shower for the couple’s first baby. Nowadays, even the second baby and the succeeding babies get to have a shower. In fact, this tradition is also common in for the adopted babies.

Best time to have it

This is usually done in the later months of pregnancy, perhaps in the last two months. There are times when parents intentionally wait for the arrival of the baby. Oftentimes, parents who are adopting would wait for the adoption to be final before having the shower.

Host to a baby shower

A family member, a friend or co-worker can throw a shower party. There may be times when multiple showers happen too.

Guests to be invited over

This depends on the planner of the shower. Asking help from someone closest to the mom could be a great help in coming up with a guest list. The guests to invite would depend on the type of baby shower. If it’s a work shower, then that would include purely colleagues. If it’s a family shower, then the guest would be family members only. If it’s just a big shower party, then everyone close to the mom is invited. One should be careful in inviting friends, relatives or co-workers who have had a miscarriage in the past or maybe is suffering from infertility problems. This is one critical aspect that should be dealt with carefully.

Involvement of guys during the party

Having a couple’s shower party is a good way of involving the guys in baby showers. This has been a new tradition and has gained popularity lately.

Appropriate themes

Themes are appropriate in throwing a baby shower. Although, it may seem a little difficult compared to a wedding party theme.  There are various options to consider, such as:

  • nursery decor shower
  • around the clock shower
  • mother shower

Activities to do during the shower

Common activities would include playing various games and giving out of the presents for the baby.

Food to serve

Two factors in determining the food to serve would be the time of the event and the party theme to have. Dinner time demands for a full and heavy meal. While afternoon party, would just need some finger foods and some choices of beverage.

Games to play and prizes to give away

Diapering contest and milk drinking from baby bottles are two really funny games to have. A generic prize is a suitable choice to give. A dinner for two gift certificate perhaps. Or, a bookstore gift certificate maybe.

Decorations to use

Baby shower decorations need not be expensive at all.  If the mom happens to have a theme for the baby’s room, Winnie the Pooh  for instance, then you can have Pooh lamp and use it as a centerpiece on your food table. Which the mom can bring home after the party. Honey pots can also be incorporated. Using them as decorations and party favors to give away too.

Best presents to give for the expected baby

Two of the most famous presents to give for the baby are diaper cake and gift baskets. There is a wide selection of these items which are available in your favorite online shops. To make your gifts really special, go for the personalized baby gifts.  Baby’s name embroidered on fleece receiving blankets are one of mom’s favorite items for baby.

Baby shower alternative

Another famous alternative to a baby shower is the Mother Blessing. It is basically a celebration of life in general. It is a celebration when expecting for a baby or when adopting baby. Blessingway could be another term for this celebration.


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