2 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a GSM Phone and SIM Card

When you want to buy a GSM phone and SIM card, you need to know the required features and the best sources to make use of your equipment.

Just like Asia, Europe has adopted and begun to use the GSM standard for its mobile communications. Unlike the US, which relies on different mobile companies to create their standard that are often incompatible among the various networks, European and Asian GSM phone users can their phones wherever they need to. While that is a convenient thing for many, there are some important things to understand about GSM phones and SIM cards before buying them.

Features required

When making calls when you are in Europe, you will need a SIM card with a dual band unlocked GSM phone. European countries use dual frequencies, which are 900-1800. The US, on the other hand, uses 850-900. Selecting a quad-band GSM phone is most suitable for you if you intend to use it in Europe and in the US. Having an unlocked phone allows the user to use his SIM card so long as the frequency available qualifies for the given need. Make sure you buy a SIM card intended for the country where you are going to use it. So, if you are in Spain, use a Spain SIM card since call charges and available services will vary depending on the country. Definitely, when you are in a specific country for travel purposes only, a prepaid SIM is just what you need. Postpaid SIM normally requires a long-term contract and monthly bills to pay that fluctuate according to your usage. \

Best sources

Unlocked GSM phones can be acquired from many sources. You have the option of buying them on eBay or on Amazon. Most companies that rent unlocked phones also have items for sale. When purchasing your phone, check that it is recommended for use in the specified country where you will need it. You also need to buy a multi-voltage charger for your phone. Oftentimes, you can use your SIM card with your GSM phone, too. It is not necessary to buy the phone and the SIM card at the same time. Generally, it is now easy to purchase SIM cards for nearly all countries right in your country of origin.


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