5 Cheerful Ideas for a Silver Wedding Anniversary

Here are delightful 25th anniversary ideas: formal silver wedding anniversary party; casual silver wedding anniversary party;  renewal of wedding vows; theme party; and, silver-dominated invitations, decoration and other paraphernalia.

Since the 25th wedding anniversary is represented by silver, this is usually the most dominant color during the celebration. Take note that silver is not only for the theme color but also it can be reflected in gifts and other party-related stuff. Gather party ideas in the following selection.

Formal silver wedding anniversary party

Another term for a formal party is a black-tie celebration. In this choice, you must disseminate formal invitations to family, friends and important people in your lives. This could either be done by purchasing ready-made cards in the market or you could customize one of your own. The latter is usually more costly. You may also hire a band as entertainment and a catering service to provide a grand buffet with abundant food and drinks.

Casual silver wedding anniversary party

A casual celebration is a small gathering of a few family members and some close friends. You can have it as brunch, picnic, luncheon or even a barbecue party in your own backyard. Since you are having a few people, you may cook the food yourself. To add interest in this manner, why have a slideshow highlighting the 25 years of the husband and wife. Include in it pictures during their wedding, their children, grandchildren and trips they went together.

Renewal of wedding vows

A perfect choice for the romantic couple will be getting married again. This is a popular way to celebrate any wedding anniversary wherein you recite your wedding vows one more time. Why not have a déjà vu moment through having the renewal of wedding vows in the same place they were united in marriage? That’s not all; you can even hire a musician or choir to sing the same songs sung during the wedding 25 years ago.

Theme party

A theme party is a youthful and fun way to celebrate 25 years together. Mention the theme of the party in the invitation. Tell the guess to dress accordingly. A few ideas for theme parties are luau, historical or Mardi gras. The food, decorations and entertainment should coincide with your chosen party theme.

Silver-dominated invitations, decoration and other paraphernalia

Emphasize the celebration of the 25th wedding anniversary of the happy pair through silver seen here and there. Start with the invitations. Maybe you can write or print it in silver ink or add silver ribbons. Glitter is also a great add-on. Next up is the decorations. Have silver foil paper dangling from the ceiling and maybe you can tie balloons all over the place. You can also use silver-colored china and even candles, table glitter and custom flower arrangement.

Wherever you settle your decisions, always keep in mind how much your budget is and if it will entertain the guests and especially the 25th wedding anniversary celebrants.


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