6 Easy Steps to Make a Baby Shower Gift Basket

Here are six easy steps to consider when making a baby shower gift basket: choose a nice basket, embellish the basket, have a theme for the package, include a gift for the new mom, be mindful of the things to avoid, and make some final additions.

If you have no time to prepare a your own gift basket, you can simply go to a baby shower gift shop and purchase one right away. Making your own is sure to be more meaningful and special, not to mention easier on your budget by creating it yourself. It can be even more fun too. If you want to try, here is a list of steps to make a gift basket for the next baby shower you go to:

Choose a nice basket

Initially, you need to choose a basket. It can be a wicker basket or any gift container alternative such as tin cans or pails, diaper bags, bathtubs or even bassinets. Just make sure the containers will perfectly match your theme preference. When choosing a basket, see to it that the new mom can use it for various purposes, like holding baby diapers and other necessities.

Embellish the basket

Decorate your basket with various kinds of flowers like tulips, lilies, and carnations. You need to refrigerate them until such time as you are ready to take your package to the mom-to-be and her new baby. In certain situations, it might be unnecessary to use fresh flowers. If that is the case for you, you can use something else as your decoration, like ribbons around the basket handle, to add a nice look.

Have a theme for the package

Gather all the items you wish to place inside the basket. It will be easier for you to prepare those cute treasures if you have a theme picked out for your gift. Here are a few theme suggestions for your consideration:

* Diaper theme basket–Fill the basket with diapers, pins, baby ointment, wipes, powder and a diaper bag.
* Feeding theme basket–You can have a basket filled with baby cups, feeding spoons, a bottle warmer, bottle nipples, teething rings, bottles, and even mom’s nursing products.
* Nursery theme basket–This is a basket loaded with baby blankets, a brush and comb, nail clippers, and other crib accessories.
* Bath theme basket–This will include baby shampoo, soap, powder, a robe, towels, and tub toys inside a bath tub as the gift basket.

Include a gift for the new mom

A hospital theme basket is an ideal gift for any new mom. This can contain items that the mommy will need at the hospital, such as a toothbrush, toothpaste, bath and skin care products, a nursing mother’s needs, and slippers. You can also give her a basket filled with her favorite things, such as her choice of parenting magazines, perfume, DVDs and CDs with her favorite music.

Be mindful of the things to avoid

It is wise not to include newborn baby clothes. For one, it is a common gift, and the mother-to-be will be overloaded with newborn clothing her child may never wear. In addition, expensive clothing is indeed a no-no. Babies will not get to wear them for long since they grow so fast.

Make some final additions

Adding ribbons and bows to your package will make your gift basket more spectacular. Wrap the basket with clear or colored transparent cellophane. You can also skip wrapping the basket and just let the contents cascade freely.


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