6 Excellent 50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

If you want to make a couple’s 50th wedding anniversary magical and memorable, consider the following ideas:  paint everything with gold; surprise the couple with a video documentation; revive those oldies music; bring in the little ones;  dress up for the party; and relive the past.

A 50th wedding anniversary is not just an ordinary milestone.  It is a great achievement of love, loyalty, and dedication shared by two persons with one heart and one dream for fifty long years.  Here are some wonderful ideas to celebrate a couple’s 50th anniversary:

Paint everything with gold

50th anniversaries are also known as golden anniversaries.  Make the celebration magical by choosing gold as your motif.  Send golden invitations, give out golden  giveaways, and set a golden mood in your venue to give the party an elegant and truly golden feel.

Surprise the couple with a video documentation

One of the most heartwarming 50th anniversary ideas is a video presentation.  Include a slide show of pictures during their wedding, when the first child came to being, and all other remarkable pictures during their fifty years of marriage.  Present recorded videos of past gatherings, as well as recorded greetings of family, relatives, and dear friends who could not join the party.

Revive those oldies music

Bring back those fun memories by playing hit music of their past, especially the time when they were still lovers.   Revive the hit oldies music from the fifties and sixties and play their favorite love and dance songs.

Bring in the little ones

Make the celebration more fun and memorable by bringing in the little ones.  Let their little angelic voices resound as they offer a simple prayer or wish for their beloved grandparents. Ask the grandchildren to give a short presentation.  Let them sing and dance to a lovely tune.    A dance with their grandparents would also be very heartwarming.

Dress up for the party

If the couple is not comfortable with a formal gathering, you can make the celebration more unique by holding a costume party.  Let the couple and all the guests come in their 60s attire and match your program with it.  You can also have an informal masquerade party or a a casual golden-themed celebration.  Guests come dressed with either a gold top or bottom.

Relive the past

Celebrate the couple’s marriage success by reliving the past.  Have them renew their vows and let the couple wear their wedding attire 50 years ago.  Replicate the cake they once had and even the theme and setting of the venue.  Invite old friends who have attended their wedding celebration and let the members of the family join by making them a part of the entourage.

Make the celebration as special as possible.  A 50th wedding anniversary is made golden not only because of tradition, but also by the celebration itself.  A celebration that is precious and memorable for the couple, like a gold.


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