6 Unique Ways to Wrap a Gift

Giving gifts is simply exciting. Wrapping them uniquely is possible when you follow these fun tips: think about giving gift packages, use surprising wrappers, use uncommon package ties, use unexpected containers, ingeniously use gift labels, and reveal some emotions onto the gift.

A gift should always be distinct so it is more meaningful. You can make it extra special by wrapping your present with artistic materials. Giving unique gifts to your loved ones and friends brings forth a good and lasting impression about you. It shows your creativity and resourcefulness. Here’s what you should do to come up with exceptionally wrapped gifts:

Give gift packages

Try grouping gifts as a set of items that belong together. You can do this by placing them in gift baskets. Determine the theme first before wrapping items to save yourself time. If you intend to make a baby shower gift basket, have it filled with clothes, blankets, socks, and bath toys that are suitable for babies from newborn to a few months old. A baking gift package is suitable for a friend, relative, or family member who is inclined to bake pastries and cakes. A good idea is to place baking tools inside a baking pan and then wrap it with cellophane tied with a ribbon.

Use surprising wrappers

Use a surprising gift wrapper for a really unique and exciting gift. Use materials intended for other purposes such as foil, newspaper, comic pages, colored art paper, maps, and sheets from a magazine.

Use uncommon package ties

Avoid using the usual ribbons and laces in tying your gift. You can use wire, stickers, neckties, belts, sashes, and strings. Using a part of the gift to tie your box or gift container is another technique of showing the inventive you. Use the scarf that matches a casual dress gift to tie the package. Or try using the striped tie as the ribbon for the gift box that contains the perfectly matched shirt.

Use unexpected containers

Place your gift inside an unexpected container. You can place a ring inside a clean egg, put a book inside a cereal box, place wine gifts in a hand puppet, and position a watch inside a sock.

Ingeniously use gift labels

Make your own gift label by downloading printable tags from the Internet. You can also use old freight or shipping tags.

Reveal some emotions onto the gift

Come up with a customized package. You can do this by wrapping a gift with newspaper dated the day you first met.


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