6 Wonderful 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Him

To show your care for a wonderful man who will be turning sixty, you can take him to a ball game, keep him up with latest gadgets, surprise him with a portrait of him in his younger years, personalize some great stuff for him, make his birthday more memorable with a video documentation, let his birthday fun last with a bottle of wine.

It’s payback time for a great man in your life who’s turning sixty.  Whether he is your dad, your uncle, or a good friend, it can really hard to find the perfect gift for him.  Here are some great gift ideas that might help you out:

Take him to a ball game

One of the best 60th birthday ideas include celebrating it with fun.  Since men generally love sports, check out some local games in your place and take him to his favorite ball game, such as football, baseball,or basketball.  If budget allows, let him bring along his great friends for a more enjoyable break and unforgettable birthday gift.

Keep him up with latest gadgets

Who says the latest gadgets are for yuppies?  It’s about time these great men dive into the world of fun and technology. Delight him with an IPod for his exercise routine loaded with some of his favorite songs from the past.  You can also give him a digital picture frame with pictures from his youth and present, as well as pictures with and of his family and friends.

Surprise him with a portrait of him in his younger years

Let your gift be the most memorable among all.  Surprise him with a portrait of him in his younger years.  Have it enlarged and recopied or painted with oil on canvass or with charcoal and put it in an antique frame.  Not only will this special gift be able to remind him of his great past every time he looks at it, but also of you.  If he is a family-oriented man, you can use a photo of him with his family.  If he is you father, you can also look for a wonderful picture of you both.  Grandfathers also love to have a photo of their grandchildren hanged in their walls.

Personalize some great stuff for him

Personalized items are always meaningful gifts as they are made especially for a particular person.  There are lots of decorative and useful stuff you can personalize as a gift for a wonderful man turning sixty.  You can personalize a mug for him, a wine glass, a pen, and even apparel like shirts and towels.

Make his birthday more memorable with a video documentation

Make the 60th birthday celebration more fun by making a video documentary of greetings from his family and friends, which may be shown during the party.  You may also include recorded videos of past celebrations and gatherings, as well as ordinary days.  If a video documentation is not possible or is difficult for you, you can have an audio recording of greetings from his loved ones.

Let his birthday fun last with a bottle of wine

Let this gift not just be a bottle of wine, but also a bottle of fun-filled memories.  Bring a bottle of wine during his big day, consume it with others guests, and have them sign their names on the bottle.  This is a perfect gift for a man who values your company and presence on this very important day of his life.

There are countless gift ideas around, but the best gift you can give a wonderful old man is something he can use or keep, and something that will keep the memories alive in his heart forever.


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