7 Terrific 40th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

There are many presents that will mark a couple’s 40th year of love. The ideal ones are flowers, a second honeymoon, paperweight, ruby jewelry, music CD, memory photo album, and stories on record.

Help the couple mark their marriage milestone with these adorable 40th anniversary gifts. As much as possible, settle on those with ruby-colored highlights since this is the 40th anniversary gemstone. Ruby is most noted on the 40th year of marriage. It is believed that rubies have a long-lasting inner flame just like a couple’s passion for each other after 40 years together. Its alternatives are the alexandrite and rhodolite garnet. Feast your eyes on the following gift ideas.


If you would prefer endowing the happy couple with flowers to scent up the room, the most ideal ones are nasturium. They are the official anniversary flower for the 40th. An alternative is the ruby-colored climbing rose. Since you are celebrating the 40th wedding anniversary, why not acquire a bouquet of 40 flowers with the suggested flower to symbolize the couple’s 40 years of love.

Second honeymoon

Have the family and close friends of the couple chip in for a get-away trip that will serve as their honeymoon. Send the pair to an exotic destination or somewhere really romantic where they’ve never been before. But if you prefer more affordable ones, try sending them to a local hotel and have them stay in a bridal or honeymoon suite. How perfect it would be to reminisce the years surrounded by a romantic ambiance!


This is not any ordinary paperweight. Scavenge for ruby-colored ones and if you can write on it, compose a short message or quote for the pair that will surely paint a smile on their faces.

Ruby jewelry

Give the fancy couple matching silver jewelry with rubies. Whether it is matching necklaces or rings, as long as it is given from the heart. It’s all good!

Audio CD

Compile songs from the era of their marriage into an Audio CD. If you can find out what their wedding songs and personal favorites are, the better.

Memory photo album

Highlight 25 years together through an all-in-one photo album. This must contain snapshots of their wedding, children, grandchildren, close colleagues and other memorable moments of the two. Unique additions are personal stories from their children.

Stories on record

This is a present that will last a lifetime and will surely never get old. Record the voices of family members while they are talking about experiences spent with each other and even anecdotes. You may also include friends who are close to the two.

Make the husband and wife’s 40th wedding anniversary celebration even more special and fun through the gifts that you are going to present to them. Always give it with whole-hearted love and never forget, give it with a smile and a good cheer.


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