7 Wonderful Gift Ideas for a 50th Wedding Anniversary

Some ideas for 50th anniversary gifts are a 1960 DVD, 2-window picture frame, custom anniversary bell, family tree, restored wedding photo, teddy bear gang, and gift certificates.

Make the couple’s 50th anniversary special through giving them these special gifts as a token of your gratitude and happiness for 50 years of love. Check these gift ideas to guide you in your search for the perfect present.

1960 DVD

This disc contains top hits during 60s. It may also have a few movie clips and even some that are the couple’s favorites. This DVD may also have a few major events that happened around 1960.

2-window picture frame

This dual window picture frame will look great with one of their wedding photo and the other would be from the day their marriage turned 50. It’s like a “before and after” picture frame. Better yet, look for a picture frame that can be musical for a pretty twist and if you can find one that is gold-rimmed, select that to emphasize the couple’s 50th wedding anniversary.

Anniversary bell

This anniversary bell is one-of-a-kind. It is a cute clear glass bell that looks elegant. It may even be used to call house helpers or simply make it add elegance in a living room display.

Family tree

50 years of marriage surely brings the family into a wider branch. Keep track of the couple’s family members through drawing a family tree and enclosing it in a glass-covered frame. This is a sure thumbs-up present for parents and most especially grandparents.

Restored wedding photo

Have their old wedding photo restored into something new and modern. One way is to simply have a photo studio fix it up and develop a bigger picture. The other method is to have a professional artist turn the wedding photo into an oil painting. Any couple will surely appreciate this.

Teddy bear gang

Surround your parents or grandparents, or friends with family through cute and cuddly teddy bears. Look for bigger teddy bears to stand for Grandma and Grandpa or Mom and Dad. Smaller ones will represent the children and grandchildren. What a cute way to express your love for them!

Gift certificates

Treat your parents or grandparents in a meal at their favorite restaurant or maybe provide them with coupons or those for a golf game if they are interested in this. You can also present them with gift certificates for a classic concert with VIP privileges.

The most ideal anniversary gift on their 50th year together is one that makes them enjoy life even more. Take time to decide and acquire the best gift that will be of good use to the couple. The love and attention given to them on that day will be surely appreciated.


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