8 Awesome Gift Ideas for Those Turning 50

A few great gift ideas for those who are turning 50 are a compilation of 1960s media clips, customized 50th birthday presents, a deck of trivia cards of the 60s, circulated coins, stamp art, poems and books for the 50, and a mini countdown clock, and get-away trip for two.

Turning 50 is really a momentous day for your loved ones. So, to make it even more momentous, shower them with these fun and useful 50th birthday gifts that will help them reminisce and enjoy the flashbacks.

Compilation of 1960s media clips

This bundle may include a CD of the top music hits back in the 60s. You may also ask her friends what the celebrant’s favorite movies are so you can get a copy of it. Another great gift idea is a newsreel footage of the important events that happened throughout his early life.

Customized 50th birthday presents

There are a lot of variations to these customized gifts. You may choose a few or better yet, all of them! One sure way to commemorate the great 60s is through a photo album. Fill the pages with pictures of the celebrant and you may include snapshots of the important events that happened during that decade. Customize a plain picture frame with the heading, “1960- An Awesome Year” and place a picture of the celebrant on her 50th birthday celebration. Why not make him his own birthday chronicle? Inquire at newspaper makers of what occurred during the day of the celebrant’s birth and make sure you include a birth notice with a picture maybe? Better yet, compose his own magazine with a brief story of his life or a timeline and messages from his loved ones. If the celebrant loves to eat, why not make him fortune cookies with messages from excerpts of Shakespeare or a few lines from 1960s songs. A customized shirt, cap or mug will do especially when it has a catchy phrase printed on it. A thumbs-up gift for men turning 50 is his own license plate that may contain the phrase “Not Older, Just Better” or “50 Isn’t Old…depressing, but not old” or “I’m Not 50! I’m 18 With 32 Years Experience”. Your loved one will really be grateful if he’ll receive an audio CD with messages from his loved ones and friends

A deck of trivia cards of the 60s

This would be a fun and playful way to reminisce what happened back then. This may also be used to educate his grandchildren. So you see, it’s useful and educational at the same time.

Circulated coins

You may also present him with a 1960 Year to Recollect Circulated Coins. Place them neatly in a glass-covered frame so it may be hanged.

Stamp art

The stamps in this gift pack may be cancelled but it still commemorates events that happened in the 60s. This contains cancelled postage stamps with facts and figures, text, prices and highlights for the year 1960.

Poems and books for the 50

50th birthday poems can be searched in the web so you can save through making it a DIY project. There lots of hilarious birthday poems that will surely make the celebrant laugh. Books are also available that are written especially for the 50. A few of these books are “Women over 50 Are Better because” and “Sex After 50”.

Mini countdown clock

This cool clock’s purpose is to countdown to preceding big birthday.

Get-away trip for two

If you feel like the celebrant has been stressed out because of work and other affairs, why not give him a get-away trip for 2? Let him choose who he wants to come with him. This trip will make him reminisce, relax, and reflect.

Don’t skip this important day of your loved one because this is the time when he goes over the hill. Make him feel important and loved with hug and a present or two.


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