9 Interesting 60th Birthday Gift Ideas for Her

Gifts that are sure to please your moms, aunts, and close lady friends on their 60th birthday include oldies music, 1950s candy mix, 1950s time capsule, 60th birthday charm bracelet, book for seniors, greetings from loved ones, birthday signature plate, personalized retro magazine cover, and a classic designer scarf or shawl.

It always feels great to please a special lady in your life, be it your mom, your aunt, an old friend, or a neighbor across the street.  Never miss the chance to delight her on her 60th birthday to mark the beginning of her senior years.  Here are some interesting gift ideas for her on her special day:

Oldies music

Revive those golden days with the top music from the past.  A compilation of her favorite music from the 50s, 60s, and 70s to remind her of her youthful days would surely please her.  You can also give her an album of her all-time favorite artist.

1950s candy mix

Candies are not just for the kids of today, but also for the kids once a upon a time.  Help the wonderful lady relive those fun days in the backyard by giving her a pack or basket of the favorite candies back in the 50s.

1950s time capsule

Pack in some mixed items filled with happy memories from the past and put them in a time capsule.  You can include old pictures, favorite candies, a good book about being sixty years old, and many more.  You can also go around some gift shops in the neighborhood or go over the Internet for these time capsules and other interesting 60th birthday gifts.

60th birthday charm bracelet

Charm bracelets look lovely on ladies, not only for teens, but also for those in their senior years.  Make sure you know what color or colors the celebrant wants in order to make your gift more special.

Book for seniors

Even if the celebrant does not really love to read during her spare time, there are books that will surely intrigue her and make her want to read.  Look for books that are especially made for their age such as 1,000 Unforgettable Senior Moments by Tom Friedman and 60 Things to Do When You Turn 60 by various authors.

Greetings from loved ones

Recorded greetings will always be a wonderful gift for anyone celebrating a birthday.  Ask the rest of the celebrant’s family and friends to make special personalized greetings for  her.  Make the birthday celebration more fun and memorable by playing the recording during the party.

Birthday signature plate

Make the celebrant’s party more unforgettable by asking her guests to sign in a special plate upon entering the venue.  This is especially great if you are the one throwing the party for the celebrant.

Personalized retro magazine cover

Look for a vintage picture of the celebrant and have it edited as a cover for a popular magazine during her time.  This will be a great and fun remembrance of her once colorful youth.

A classic designer scarf or shawl

Make her birthday more special than her other birthdays by surprising her with a designer scarf or shawl.  Not only will you keep her warm on cold windy nights, but you will also make her feel especially beautiful with her new luxurious scarf.

Gifts that come from the heart will always be the best gifts, but those that make her feel extra special will always be the ones that will always linger in her heart and in her mind.


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