Wall Arts Preferred by Single Guys

Wall arts chosen by single guys often reflect the kind of personality they have. Since most of them are independent and free-spirited, the kinds of wall art that best suits them are the following: wallpaper coverings, fabric wall arts, wall lamps, framed arts, and wall murals.

Single guys often project a free-spirit, independence, and broad vision. They like less responsibility and often seek out a simple way of living. Same with organizing and decorating their dwelling place, they carefully choose things they adorn. Here are some of the perfect wall arts that best suit the personality of single guys:

Wallpaper coverings

There are men who don’t like to have much stuff in their house especially the single guys. Most of the singles have disorderly house; therefore, they don’t want to add up to the mess. They prefer wallpaper coverings instead of wall decors hanging on their walls. At creativewallcovering.com, lots of wallpaper collections that reflect different characters are available to choose from.

Fabric wall arts

Most of the guys are comfortable with simple things. When it comes to wall arts, handmade fabric wall arts are ideal compared to hanging wall metal. Fabrics are loose and light, which best describes the personality of single guys – free and easy go lucky.

Wall lamps

Wall arts may come in different forms, can be a sculpture, decor, clock, fabric, and even lamps. For single guys, they tend to stay awake late at night either watching their favorite TV shows or enjoying their hobby. A wall lamp is a perfect wall art that goes well with their hobbies. Wall lamps are conveniently displayed on the walls while, at the same time adding elegance to the place.

Framed arts

For guys who are the romantic type, they love to cherish every moment through photographs. Framing them will extend its lifespan and may serve as a good adornment.

Wall murals

Murals are made of laminated paper panel that are fixed on the walls using wallpaper paste. Great designs to choose from like tropical beaches, surfing, reflection of building – which are suitable for single guys since it reflects a broad vision for the future.


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