3 Types of Boot Camps for Teens

here are many different types of boot camps. Three of them are the summer camp type for teens with social disorders, camps for losing weight, and adventure camps.

The first forms of boot camps were directed towards being an initial step in correctional programs and penal systems of certain countries. Boot camps are based on military training camps. The more recent boot camps still use militaristic techniques, but offer a variety of programs and activities aimed at behavior modification for teenagers. Boot camps may be set up as Boys Homes for the summer where participants attend rehabilitation-type activities that include counseling and education while tackling more serious issues concerning drugs. Presently, boot camps have evolved into more than just a correctional facility. It has incorporated several programs into the system and all these are aimed at achieving different results for its participants. Some of the different types of boot camps include:

Summer camp for teens with social disorders

There are boot camps that are set up like summer camps for teenagers who have been diagnosed with social disorders or are at a higher risk for developing these disorders. Typically, the participants are grouped together according to age and attend different programs and activities together. The programs for this type of boot camp are geared towards redirecting adverse behaviors and replacing them with positive ones. Teenagers who have juvenile experiences in the past, troubled dispositions or alternative home situations are excellent candidates for this type of boot camp. These summer camps help encourage participants to behave appropriately and guide them to follow a positive direction in their lives.

Camps for losing weight

California hosts several weight loss camps. Teenagers who suffer from weight problems are candidates for this type of boot camp. The programs for weight loss camps are aimed towards diagnosing the root of the participants’ weight problem. Consequently, the facilitators and counselors will teach participants proper eating patterns and behavior management skills that will be helpful to them in terms of controlling their weight even after the camp. Other weight loss related programs offered in this type of boot camp include teaching participants about nutrition and health, conducting physical exercises and lifestyle modification. There are also other weight loss camps that do not limit their programs to tackling weight-related concerns. These camps might incorporate academic achievement in their programs and further develop the participants’ confidence and self-esteem.

Adventure camps

Adventure camps or wilderness camps have outdoor recreational activities and challenges aimed for developing teenagers’ sense of teamwork, leadership skills and self-reliance. Kayaking, surfing, backpacking and hiking are some examples of the exciting activities included in the program of this type of boot camp. Teenagers who attend wilderness camps can expect to develop their relational skills with their peers and confidence while having fun during the process.

Boot camps have become an important way of reaching out to teenagers who are suffering from a number of disorders. Both teenagers and parents can expect positive results from the different types of boot camps.


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