5 Important Tips for Maintaining Your Septic System

Some tips for maintaining your septic system are: Keep excess water away from the drain field; keep the septic system area free of trees, plants and other structures; do not flush your garbage into the toilet or sink; don’t pour hazardous materials; and invest in good quality grinders for solid wastes.

Septic tanks are important for homes that do not have direct or convenient access to sewage treatment facilities and sewage plants. Your home’s septic system treats and disposes any dirty and waste water that comes from the kitchen, bathroom or any other part of your home. It is important that these waste materials be disposed of properly because they contain pollutants and elements that are harmful to human health and the environment. In order to ensure that your septic tank and septic system functions properly and effectively, you have to maintain it regularly. You can seek the help of Minnesota septic tank pumping or any other agency that offers cleaning services for septic tanks. It is also important that you are aware of the basic tips for maintaining your own septic system so you can manage it properly and avoid damage to it.

Keep excess water away from the drain field

In order for your septic drain field to keep absorbing and neutralizing the waste water coming from your home, you have to make sure that it is not waterlogged and flooded with excess water. Make sure you plan your septic system in such a way that rain water is effectively diverted from the drain field. Applying certain landscaping techniques and using roof gutters and drains will also do the trick of controlling the flow of excess water. The facilities inside your home, such as the toilets, sinks and pipes should also be checked regularly for leaks and any needed repairs.

Keep the septic system area free of trees, plants and other structures

Keep your septic system free from any structures. Do not build anything over your drain field or put a driveway or pour concrete over it. The roots of trees can also pose as a threat to the septic system and cause damage. Avoid planting trees about 100 feet within the area of your septic system. Growing grass can also prevent the risk of soil erosion on your drain field.

Do not flush your garbage into the toilet or sink

Septic tanks are easily clogged by the accumulation of garbage like diapers, tampons, tissues and cigarettes. Avoid the habit of flushing your trash into the toilet or sink as this might clog the septic tanks and cause you more trouble later on.

Don’t pour hazardous materials

Grease can block the drain field of your septic system and further hamper it from absorbing domestic waste water. Avoid pouring grease as well as other hazardous materials such as motor oils, gasoline, paint thinners and others into your drain, as these might cause significant damage to your septic system.

Invest in good, quality grinders for solid wastes

Solid wastes can easily double the amount of waste materials present in your septic tank. It might be a good idea to invest in good quality grinders that can effectively grind solid waste materials into smaller particles and keep them from clogging and damaging the septic system.

A functional septic system ensures convenience and clean,healthy living. In order for yours to keep working properly, you must learn to take care of this facility.


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