5 Things You Should Know About Chronic Lyme Disease

Some things that people should know about chronic Lime disease are that it is used to describe residual symptoms of Lyme disease, it is different from late-stage Lyme disease, it has treatment disputes, it may become a life-long illness, and treatment of the disease must be complete.

There is some controversy surrounding the condition called chronic Lyme disease. The discussion about the disease can be divided into two sides. One group of experts suggests that such an illness exists, while another group believes that it is not a legitimate diagnosis. Understanding the nature of the disease is crucial in deciding what medical treatments to pursue. To better understand Chronic Lime Disease, one should be aware of a few things about it.

Chronic Lime disease is used to describe residual symptoms of Lyme disease

Lyme disease is a complex inflammatory disease that affects multiple systems in the patient’s body. Its symptoms are triggered by bacterial infections of bacteria known as Borrelia. The infection is transferred to humans by the bites of infected ticks. Several symptoms of the illness include fatigue, headaches, immune dysfunction and muscle pain, among others. Some experts have contended that chronic Lime disease can be attributed to patients suffering from a variety of symptoms that are beyond the recognized scope of symptoms for late-stage Lyme disease. Chronic Lime disease is also used to describe symptoms that remain persistent despite the application of antibiotic treatment. These symptoms can range from headaches to arthritis.

It is different from late-stage Lyme disease

Because of its association with late stage Lyme disease, chronic Lime disease is sometimes equated inappropriately and used synonymously with it. The two are very much different primarily because late-stage Lyme disease has been established as a real disease compared to chronic Lime. Late-stage Lyme disease may happen in cases that are undiagnosed or untreated during the period of infection.

Treatment disputes

Many expert groups argue over how chronic Lime disease should be treated. Some experts who believe that residual symptoms of Lyme disease are caused by active infection suggest that patients must be treated with long-term antibiotics. Treatments may last for months or even years. On the other hand, the American Academy of Neurology and the Infectious Diseases Society of America believe otherwise and contend that no scientific proof supports the benefits and success of prolonged antibiotic treatments. Prolonged and infrequent usage of antibiotics has also been associated with side effects, dangerous and even life-threatening infections and the formation of drug-resistant bacteria strains. These disputes over the treatment of chronic Lime disease have ensued in several legal actions and how treatments should be administered.

Chronic Lime disease may become a life-long illness

Patients who have not been totally cleared of Lyme disease because of inadequate treatments might suffer a relapse when residual symptoms occur. Unfortunately, doctors treating the patient might not be able to recognize or link the new symptoms with Lyme disease and could diagnose the condition as something else. This might result in symptoms being left untreated.

Treatment must be complete

The treatments administered to patients suffering from chronic Lime disease must not be limited to targeting the infection. Inflammations in the body must also be relieved, bacteria should be further eliminated, the patient’s immune system must be improved and hormonal and health deficiencies are prevented.

Chronic Lime disease currently faces much controversy. The best way that patients can help themselves is to become aware of the nature of the illness.


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