6 Practical Tips Before Buying Baby Shower Gifts

Before you shop for a baby shower gift, make sure you that know the gender of the baby, ask if there is gift registry, know what practical gifts you can give, find out about mom and dad’s favorites, know how much you are willing to spend, and be aware of the possibility of duplicate gifts to help make your shopping easier and your gift more delightful.

Shopping for baby shower gifts is fun and exciting, but can be really confusing, especially if you are not a parent yet. Just before you head out for some shopping, consider the following tips to make your shopping experience a lot easier and your gift more delightful for the host:

Know the gender of the baby

Before heading to the shop or browsing the net for baby shower gift ideas, you need to know the gender of the baby about to be born. The baby shower invitation and the theme usually provide the answer to this. If the invitation is rather neutral, do not hesitate to ask the host so you will not find it hard to shop around for baby gifts.

Ask if there is gift registry

Some parents create baby shower gift registries to help their guests make their shopping easier and to help them get what they need for their expected baby. If not stated in the invitation, ask the host if the parents have registered in a shop to help you get started.

Know what practical gifts you can give

Disposable diapers, baby clothes, and other useful gifts can never go wrong. Have a list of practical gifts in your mind before you start your shopping. You can surf the web and chat with other parents to gather helpful ideas. Do not leave out common practical ideas like gift cards and savings bonds.

Find out about mom and dad’s favorites

Guests for baby showers are mostly close friends and relatives of the couple, so you might just have a hint of what the parents favorites are. Parents will love getting what they want for their much anticipated little angel. They might plan to dress their baby boy like daddy or have their baby girl wear mommy’s favorite color. Personalized gift items, such as clothes, towels, blankets, and caps might just do the trick.

Know how much you are willing to spend

Before you fall in love with the gift ideas you have, you have to consider how much you are willing to spend on the gift. It does not mean, however, that if you have a smaller budget, you can only afford to give cheap gifts. In fact, the best gift is a labor of love. You can always make your own creative gift. Paint a lady bug in red, black, and white, for example. Not only will it make a really memorable gift, but also a useful present that will help exercise the baby’s brain.

Be aware of the possibility of duplicate gifts

Finally, you need to be aware of the possibility that you could be giving the same gift as another guest. Stay away from over-the-counter items, as well as display items, to help you avoid this often embarrassing incident. Head on to the racks and find unique gifts that are adorable and practical. You can also find websites that offer unique and useful baby presents.

Before you go shopping for baby shower presents, always keep in mind that babies are special gifts themselves. With the joy they bring, they deserve gifts as special as they are to welcome them into this wonderful world.


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