6 Things You Must Bring to College

Some important things you should bring when you go away for college are your ID, keys and other important documents, school and homework supplies, toiletry essentials, safety essentials, small appliances, and an extension cord.

College can be an exciting experience. This new chapter in a student’s life is rife with different experiences and challenges. Packing up for daymar college can also be a tough ordeal if you have no idea what to bring or what to expect during your stay. Planning for the trip ahead of time can keep it from becoming bothersome. Here are a few basic things you should remember to bring along:

ID, keys and other important documents

Keep your identification card and room keys in one place. It might be a good idea to have a key chain to hold all your keys and ID information together to better avoid misplacing them. File your important papers together and in a safe place.

School and homework supplies

Prepare your notebook, binders, pens and pencils. Keep a ready supply of printer papers for your homework and essays. It’s a good idea to ask your friends or check the university website in advance so you’ll know what things you can buy on campus and what you should bring from home.

Toiletry essentials

Include your shampoo, soap, conditioners and towels in your packing list. It is also a good idea to bring a bathrobe along so you won’t have to walk to your room from the bathroom wearing only a towel. Most college residences and dormitories have communal bathrooms, so shower shoes might be a necessary item for you. It’s not a good idea to leave your shampoo or soap lying around in the showers. Prepare a basket where you can keep all your shower necessities to avoid misplacing them and to easily carry them to and from your room.

Safety essentials

Your experience in college should teach you how to be independent, so learn to look after yourself. Prepare a first-aid kit and keep it available and prepared. A simple kit containing bandages and some basic medicine is sufficient. You should also have a flashlight readily available just in case there are blackouts in the area. Buy a lock for your room or keep a locked cabinet to store expensive equipment that you bring along such as your laptop.

Small Appliances

Microwaves, fans, desk lamps and even refrigerators are some appliances that will help make your stay in college convenient and comfortable. Some residence halls and dormitories allow students to bring and use appliances in their rooms. Just ask the residence officers ahead of time to make sure you comply with their rules on the usage of electricity and appliances. If you have a roommate, it might be a good idea to tell him or her in advance.

Extension cord

Most dormitories have limited power outlets. If you have a lot of gadgets or equipment, it might be a good idea to buy an extension cord. Ask the residential leaders what items are available in the rooms so you’ll know what you should bring and what can stay home.

College can be a fun and exciting new experience. Preparing for it ahead of time will help make your stay more comfortable and safe.


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