7 Important Things You Need to Know Before Visiting Grenada for a More Enjoyable Vacation

Before visiting Grenada, it would be most helpful to know some tips and information about the beautiful place to make your stay more stress-free and enjoyable. Learn about Grenada’s basic travel information, know their entry requirements; be aware of Grenada’s local laws; know how to go to and around Grenada; find out about medical and safety tips; learn about Grenada’s culture, customs, and etiquette; and note Grenada’s famous beaches, attractions, and activities.

Grenada is an exotic tourist destination as unique as its name. Before you get your feet on the colorful place, you need to learn more about Grenada for a more fun and stress-free vacation. Here are some tips that will help you prepare for your vacation in Grenada:

Learn about Grenada’s basic travel information

The first thing you need to do when going for a vacation is to learn about the basic travel information of the place. Grenada is located in the northeast of Trinidad and Tobago and is between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. It is made up of several islands, including the larger Grenada, Carriacou, and Petit Martinique, as well as other smaller islands. English is their official language, with a little bit of French. Its capital is St. George’s. The currency of Grenada is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, with the value of about 2.68 to a US Dollar. When dining in restaurants, 10 percent of your total bill is generally added as your tip. Temperature in Grenada ranges from 24 to 30 degrees Celsius. Dry season is from January to May, while rainy seasons runs from June to December. Note also that hurricane season in the Caribbean is between June to November. Make sure to get updated with weather reports when visiting Grenada during these months.

Know their entry requirements

Getting to Grenada basically requires a valid passport and return ticket. If you are coming from the UK, USA, Canada, British Commonwealth countries, European Union countries, Norway, Japan, Israel, or Caribbean countries, other than Cuba, you are not required to have a visa. On the other hand, citizens of Russia, Ukraine, and other eastern European countries are obliged to get a visa upon arrival, which costs EC$$25.

Be aware of Grenada’s local laws

Being a tourist does not mean you are exempt from abiding by local laws. Be aware of and pay respect to local rules and regulations. Drugs are strictly prohibited in Grenada, and severe penalties await any offense relating to drugs. It is also an offense for anyone, including children, to wear camouflage clothing. Some homosexual acts are prohibited in Grenada.

Know how to go to and around Grenada

You can go to Grenada by plane and arrive at Maurice Bishop International Airport in the mainland of Grenada. You can also reach the place by sea. Many cruise ships dock at St. George, which is their capital, sometime between October and May. Going around Grenada can be done by taking taxi cabs, car rentals, mini buses, and even water taxis.

Find out about medical and safety tips

As with going to other places for vacation, it is advised that you make use of medical and travel insurance to keep you insured during your stay in Grenada. Make sure you also visit your health care provider, especially one that specializes in travel medicine, so that you will be given appropriate vaccinations, such as yellow fever, typhoid, and rabies. Seek medical tips from your provider, such as ways to avoid Dengue fever, which is an infection you could possibly get from Grenada that results from bites of disease-carrying mosquitoes.

Learn about Grenada’s culture, customs, and etiquette

A vacation to Grenada need not be the time to get to know people’s way of life. Before going there, it is helpful to know about the general attitude towards certain things to gain respect from locals. For example, in Grenada, it would be inappropriate and rude to dress up in beach attire when you are not really at the beach. People in Grenada are very formal and careful with their work and lifestyle.

Note Grenada’s famous beaches, attractions, and activities

Grenada is not only known for its spices, but also for its admirable beaches. Do a little research on the beaches of Grenada, as well as other famous attractions and activities to make your vacation truly worthwhile. Famous and truly great beach destinations are mostly found in the southwestern part of the island. Grand Anse also boasts its white sand beach and is not so overcrowded. If you prefer a more secluded resort, you can check out Morne Rouge Bay near Grand Anse area. Exciting activities to do in Grenada include diving, snorkeling, trekking, biking, river tubing, and many family activities and sports.

Getting the most out of your vacation in Grenada takes enough consideration and preparation. Do some research and familiarize yourself with this exotic place to make your visit safe, hassle-free, and truly enjoyable.

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