8 Helpful Ways Security Systems Protect Your Business

Security systems come in different types that protect your business in many ways. They protect your office from burglary, theft, vandalism, and other misfortunes through motion sensors, contact alarm systems, glass break sensors, and other sensors, as well as keypads, card key or swipe control, surveillance cameras, and fire alarm systems.

Modern security systems continuously provide protection for homes and offices from different threats. Here’s how security systems protect your business through based on their different types:

Motion sensors

Motion sensors will trigger the alarm if it detects motion inside the room. Most motion sensors use infrared to detect heat and microwave to detect motion. This type of alarm is recommended for securing wide spaces with multiple entry points. Orange County alarm systems offer this and other types of sensors for your office.

Contact alarm systems

Contact alarm systems, such as door and window contacts, are ideal for all ground level doors and windows of your office where burglars usually intrude. Door and window contacts make use of a switch attached to the door or window. This switch is held close by a magnet. When the door or window opens and diverges from the magnet, the switch is triggered, causing the alarm to break.

Glass break sensors

Glass break sensors work by detecting sound that is produced by shattering glass, usually caused by forced entry in your office. Once such a pattern is detected, it will trigger the alarm. This type of alarm system is especially helpful if your office is made up of fixed glass windows.

Other sensors

There are also other types of sensors that can help protect your office and your business from burglary and other misfortunes. Shock sensors, for example, sense any vibration from the wall caused by pounding or hammering. Environmental sensors are also available for rooms with sensitive electronics and will trigger the alarm when there is water or an increase in the temperature of the room. Finally, panic buttons have become especially popular for many businesses to ask help from the security department in a subtle and fast manner.


Keypads allow you to arm and disarm your security system, including sensors, using a secret code. Arming is done when nobody is in the room which is disarmed when the endorsed person arrives. Most keypads feature a duress code, which allows you to open your system and at the same time send a help signal to the police. This is very important, especially when you are forced to disarm your system. The keypad also has a screen that indicates any possible sensor that is not engaged, probably due to an open window or door.

Card key or swipe control

In many restricted workplaces, the use of card keys has become popular to limit access to only those who are authorized. Today, not only does this prove useful in such areas, but also in regular offices to establish the times in and out of workers and to ensure that they are official employees of your company. Other similar security systems include biometrics and fingerprint readers.

Surveillance Cameras

Surveillance cameras have been aiding homes and businesses in alerting suspicious activities, as well as in preventing theft and robbery, shoplifting, and vandalism. They will help you monitor what is going on in your workplace, whether it be among employees, your customers, or your environment.

Fire alarm systems

Fire alarm systems involve smoke and heat detectors that automatically send signals to the control panel. The control panel, in turn, triggers the alarm as soon as a signal is received and will help give you time to evacuate your workplace and save some documents and other pertinent business materials.

Security systems that help protect your business are very important things to consider. They can help you prevent future losses, save on insurance costs, and most of all, save lives that might be in great danger.


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