11 Best Months of the Year to Travel Peru

The best months of the year to travel to Peru are February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.

Peru is a city with great scenic spots, has a vibrant culture, and is filled with warm people. That is why many tourists would like to go on Peru tours to see what this country can offer. You can have a tour around Peru any time of the year, but it is best done on the following months.


During February, the Inca Trail is the wettest in Cusco. Though the annual cleanup of the Ince Trail falls in this month, some great alternative treks would be in Machu Picchu which is easily accessible by train. You may also take other great treks like Vilcabamba or the Salkantay trek which are equally interesting. City treks will surely get you ,as February is also the month of carnivals when everyone is freely throwing water bombs. If you are visiting Puno, remember to catch the awe-inspiring dances at Virgen of the Candelaria.


It’s time for Easter, so be sure to visit Cusco for the great parades which are offered to the Lord of Earthquakes. If you are more interested in unique settings, you can travel to Ayacucho for something extra special. March is a good season to go hiking by the countryside, as the rain lessens gradually.


Although there are no fiestas at this time in Cusco, you can still expect some cultural happenings around the city. This month is particularly a great time for hiking because the skies will be clear, temperatures will be mild, and you can expect more sunshine.


Visitors increase during this month because of less rain fall. The unique Lord of Qollur’ritty celebration is high up on a glacier in the Andes, and with the clear blue skies and cool weather, this month is perfect for this experience.


June is a peak season which means there will be crowds of tourists along the area. If you are not particularly fond of a crowded setting, it might be better for you to tour Peru in another less-crowded month because at this time accommodations and transportation prices are packed  quite high. Being a dry month, you can also have the chance to witnes the maiz drying under the sun at this time.


July is probably the greatest time to enjoy trekking high atop the mountains. Don’t forget to visit Paucartambo and witness the colorful Virgen de Carmen festival. You can also catch the intense celebration of Fiestas Patrias, Peru’s National Holiday, on the 28th of July.


The most popular month for trekking is August. Mostly blessed with clear weather at this time of the year, families in Peru pay homage to Pachamama or Mother Earth.


Visitors in the months of June and July have already left Cusco and only a very few will arrive. During the month of September there will be some showers, but they will never stop the Warachikuy festival, which is quite similar to the Inti Raymi, from happening. You will also see rural farmers of Peru doing their regular activities in the fields like planting maiz or wheat.


October is the official “purple month” in Peru. At this time, you will see that people are wearing purple outfits to show their adoration to their “Lord of the Miracles”. Since this month is the best time of the planting season, fiestas are celebrated and you might be lucky to eat their special cuisines.


During this month the Peruvians will pay homage to their dead relatives on the “Day of the Dead”. There won’t be many tourists around because of the increasing rain. This will be a great time for silent treks and bargain deals at hotels and shops.


Many people agree that Christmas season is a great time to visit Cusco as the Cusquenos celebrate during this season in various unique ways like giving children hot chocolate, breads, and toys. This very unique Peruvian celebration is a great way to end the year as it would be a very memorable experience.

Now that you have an idea about which month would perfectly suite your interests on a Peruvian vacation, you won’t have to cram to get your schedules in the right order.


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