3 Tips to Help You Decide Whether to Choose Banks or Mortgage Brokers

If you are about to buy a house and are having trouble deciding whether to choose bank loans or mortgage brokers, it is important to assess yourself, know the type of house and facilities you need, and compare rates.

Homebuyers can seek help from a bank loan officer or a mortgage broker. Although a bank officer and mortgage broker perth generally serves as intermediaries between people seeking to borrow loans and the lenders, there is a significant difference between the two. You might need to consider a few basic tips to help decide whether to go for a loan at a bank or seek one from a mortgage broker.

Assess yourself

It is a good idea to assess certain personal details such as your financial capacity, credit standing and occupation. To better understand the significance of this tip, you need to understand how bank loan officers normally do their jobs. Banks have preset criteria, and it is standard operating procedure that loan officers consult these criteria to check whether someone is qualified for a loan. This is the reason why you are required to submit credentials and financial statements declaring your assets and financial standing. It is generally a good idea to apply for bank loans if you have top notch credit and low debt, a steady source of income or stable employment and a good history of work. Otherwise, mortgage brokers might be able to give you more help if you have unstable cash flow and heavy debt or you have recently switched jobs. Brokers are more flexible because they have multiple fund sources and can find lenders for just about any type of credit situation compared to bank loan officers who have to stick to standard operating procedures set by the financial institution they work in.

Know the type of house and facilities you need

The relevance of this consideration lies on the fact that mortgage officers may find lenders from another part of the country. As a result, these lenders might not be able to relate with technical terms home appraisers use for local properties and might not be aware of certain facilities needed for the house. On the other hand, loan officers from a local bank will have a better understanding of the homebuyer’s needs and specific housing terms because they live in the same locality. You must be aware that the differences in localities and housing conditions might cause some lenders to delay the closing of the transaction until their questions are satisfied.

Compare rates

It is a good idea to scout around and check the prevailing interest rates and fees so that you can decide if the terms offered by the mortgage broker you are consulting are reasonable or if the bank offers a more acceptable price for housing loans. It is also necessary to seek different brokers and find the best rate they have to offer. You have to understand that brokers generally have connections with the same lenders and mortgage products. If you think a mortgage broker is being unreasonable or is overcharging you, don’t settle right away. It might be a good idea to ask and compare prices.

Buying a home can be one of the biggest purchases a person makes during his lifetime. Choosing whether to apply for loans at a bank or seek help from a mortgage broker should not be done impulsively but with thorough consideration.


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