4 Essential Facts about Capricorn Rising

Four essential facts about the Capricorn Rising sign are that its planetary ruler is Saturn, family upbringing plays a crucial role in molding the Capricorn Rising persona, Capricorn Rising people are serious, competent and success-driven, and they work well in structured environments.

A person’s rising sign is based on the zodiac sign that was rising over the eastern horizon at the exact moment of birth. The rising sign is also called the Ascendant and often portrays inherent defenses and the natural reactions we have in our everyday life and the problems that come our way. Understanding your rising sign may help you understand your personality better and improve how you interacts with others and face personal issues. Here are some things you should know about the Capricorn Rising sign.

Its planetary ruler is Saturn

The Capricorn Rising sign is ruled by Saturn, a planet of restriction, longevity and structure. It implies a restricted structure or a difficult birth and certain difficulties. A Capricorn Rising person can expect obstacles and tests to come his way and, consequently, he must show perseverance and discipline to overcome these difficulties.

Family upbringing plays a crucial role in molding the Capricorn Rising persona

In the negative extreme, parents might force a preconceived persona upon their children. While growing up, Capricorn Ascendants might be constantly told or molded into responsible individuals whom their siblings and other family members can depend on, or they personally might have felt it their right to take the yoke of responsibility for their family members even at a young age. Because of those attributes, Capricorn Rising people tend to be very family-centered and constantly worry about the security, welfare and future of their family.

Capricorn Rising people are serious, competent and success-driven

Seriousness is a distinctive trait of Capricorn Rising people. This seriousness is further complemented by competence and a success-driven mindset. In fact, many Capricorn Rising people are success-stories. They are also generally very conscious of how they project themselves to others. Most Capricorn rising individuals translate all these traits into a hardworking and responsibility-oriented persona and may take details such as the clothes they wear and their behavior seriously. But, they need to be careful with how much pressure they assume. Capricorn Rising people have a tendency to struggle inwardly because of a sense of inadequacy and constantly worry if they are giving enough or working hard enough for themselves or for the people that matter to them.

They work well in structured environments

Because of the Capricorn Ascendant’s affinity for structure and goal-oriented mindset, they function well in structured work environments. They are very capable of holding managerial and supervisory positions. Capricorn Rising people are also very comfortable with formality, and they usually end up using the norms and standards as a basis for their actions and decisions. They want to know all the rules first and then mold their behavior into these actions. This makes them rather qualified to hold positions of authority, but on the downside, they tend to be rather rigid in exercising control over their subordinates.

Rising signs help a person understand himself and how he interacts with others but, ultimately, the quality of a person’s life depends on how he uses his personal traits in the choices he makes.

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