5 Practical Tips to Help you Deal with Bad Neighbors

To deal with any trouble caused by bad neighbors you can solve the problem on your own, talk to your neighbor, ask for help from your landlord, ask for help from the police, or file a lawsuit.

When you are renting an apartment or have many neighbors, you are probably aware of the advantages and disadvantages of having many people living around you. You might be happy to have neighbors you can talk to or that can watch your home for you when you are away. But you might also have bothersome experiences with bad neighbors like hearing disruptive noises from their home. Bad neighbors can cause minor inconveniences which you can easily solve, for example, by buying a White noise machine, or major problems which might require you to seek help from authorities. Knowing the following practical tips on how to deal with bad neighbors may help solve whatever problems you are experiencing.

Solve the problem on your own

There are certain problems caused by bad neighbors that you can solve on your own. Noise and bad odors, for instance, can be easily remedied by buying white noise machines and air purifiers. Minor inconveniences like these don’t have to involve drastic solutions or intervention from anyone else. If possible, try to look for a solution to the problem first before presenting the issue to other people.

Talk to your neighbor

Communication is basic but very important in solving any problem, especially those involving bad neighbors. However, a lot of people are afraid to use this somewhat confrontational approach. To get over your apprehension, you can start by getting to know your neighbors first and engaging in friendly chit chat with them. This will help you become more comfortable with them and might even make you a new friend. Also, keep in mind that your intention is not to argue or fight, but to simply tell your neighbor what the problem is and negotiate how your solution. If this tip does not work and your neighbor becomes confrontational and won’t listen to you, don’t argue any further and try the other tips instead.

Ask help from your landlord

If your neighbor causes any disturbances or trouble and refuses to cooperate, you might want to seek help from your landlord. Explain the problem clearly to him. Your landlord can devise solutions like enforcing regulations or certain lease provisions which can promote the general welfare of all the tenants.

Ask help from the police

If your neighbor starts making threats to you or your family, or you sense that they are conducting any illegal activities, ask the police for help. Police intervention can prevent any serious trouble from happening in the future.

File a lawsuit

Going to court should be your last resort. This could be an effective solution if your neighbors are not willing to cooperate or your landlord is negligent and unwilling to help you. Keep important documentation and any other proof of the problems that can help you support your case.

All residents of a neighborhood and tenants in a rented place have the right to live comfortably and peacefully. Problems caused by bad neighbors should not keep you from attaining the comfort and peace that you deserve.


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