6 Helpful Steps for Finding a Reliable Electrician for Your Home

When hiring an electrician for your home, you need to determine the scope of work needed for your project, look for prospects, request project bids, compare and narrow down your choices, discuss your concerns, choose your electrician and finalize details to make sure you deal with the right contractor.

Home construction and renovation projects sometimes entail electrical jobs that are complicated and that require careful handling. You need to hire a professional electrician that will do the right job for you and keep your home safe and free from electrical hazards. The following steps will help you find a reliable electrician for your home:

Determine the scope of work needed for your project

Before looking for contractors and contacting them, you need to determine the type and scope of work needed for your construction or renovation. This will help you determine the experience level you need for your electrician. Look if you need to do some rewiring or repairing or a total installation of electrical wires at home.

Look for prospects

Once you know what needs to be done, it is now time to look for prospects. Ask for recommendations from family and friends who have previously used the services of electricians. Look at your directory for local listings and browse the Net for prospects. Searching the Internet will be easier and will bring helpful results when your search is done by indicating your area. Finding a Folsom electrician, for example, will be easier if you indicate “Folsom electrician” or “electrician Folsom” in the search box. Note the contact numbers as well as business addresses.

Request project bids

Contact around five contractors and request project bids. The more detailed the information they give, the better. Bids usually contain the following:

*Details of their work. The most important content of a contractor’s bid is their detailed work description. Even though you roughly know the electrical work needed for your home, electricians need to give the specifics of the project to inform you of what exactly will be done in your home.

*Cost of labor and materials. Check out how much the total project costs and see if it includes the labor and all materials needed for the electrical work.

*Estimated dates the project will begin and finish. A realistic time frame should also be included in the project bids. See if the contractors indicate when the project can start and when it will probably be accomplished. This is especially helpful when electrical work, such as repairs, is urgently needed. It will help you see which contractor can start and finish the job as soon as possible.

*Work hours and days. The hours and days of work must also be indicated to see if you are amenable to their schedule.

*Contractor’s conditions. Check if electricians have certain conditions that they may want to impose during the duration of the project. Most of these conditions include required workspace or work area and breaks in between work hours.

Compare and narrow down your choices

Now that you have seen bids from different contractors, it is time to compare the contents of their proposals. Narrow down your choices to at least two preferred contractors and be ready to negotiate when needed.

Discuss your concerns

This is the time you talk to the contractors and discuss the details of their proposal. Never hesitate to ask questions and bring up other concerns. See if some costs can be adjusted or if their work days and hours can be set according to your schedule. This is also a great time for you to observe how contractors respond to your queries and concerns.

Choose your electrician and finalize details

Once you have dealt with different electricians, it is now time to choose the best and most reliable electrician for your home. Discuss final details with them such as actual costs involved, the payment terms, actual time frame, and special conditions. Have them put this into writing, especially with bigger projects, to ensure satisfaction of work.

An electrical job is critical work when constructing or renovating your home. Faulty electrical wiring can be very risky and hazardous for you and your family. To ensure a safer home, you need to choose a professional electrician that is not only skilled, but also reliable.


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